Episode 4 Ateş Kuşları (Firebird): Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th episode trailer of Ateş Kuşları (Firebird) has been released. In the end episode; Gülayşe is surprised to return to the street, her first home after being found in the garbage, and thinks that she has left Barbaros forever. What happen in the episode on February 3rd?

ATV's new series Ateş Kuşları gained a large audience in a short time. Starring Hande Soral, İlayda Alişan and Görkem Sevindik, the series comes to the screens every Friday. The new 4th episode of the series will meet with the audience on February 3rd. Here is the 4th episode trailer and the episode summary of Ateş Kuşları series.

The new series Ateş Kuşları, signed by Bozdaş Film, has been watched with great interest since the first day it was broadcast. The series, came to the screen with its third episode. In the end of the series; The great struggle of the Firebirds. Our home, wherever the five of us are! Firebirds escape from the flames and start their lives anew. Firebirds, on the other hand, will face the danger of losing their nests due to lack of identity and money. Will they be able to find a way not to fall into the street again?

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How will the rootless take care of their babies? In the past, Kökless Crew, who escaped from Çatal and did not have a roof over their heads, fell on the street with a forty-day-old baby. What will the Köksizler, who are family to the baby they found in the trash, struggle to keep their little baby alive?

What happen in the end episode?

Firebirds are returning to the street. Firebirds, whose nests are destroyed, are left homeless and return to the streets where they started. Will Ali be able to save his family from the streets this time? In the past, Rootless people try to be a family and survive in their first home they built on the top of Istanbul. Mercan enters Eyüboğlu Mansion

Zıpkın cannot bear what Gülayşe has suffered and finds a way to bring Mercan to Eyüboğlu mansion as a servant so that the secrets of the past will be revealed. Will this path help them achieve their goals? Barbaros is after GülayşeOn the other hand, Gülayşe is surprised to return to the street, her first home after being found in the garbage, and thinks that she has left Barbaros forever. However, Barbaros went after them to take Gülayşe to her father. Although Gülayşe is unaware, Barbaros is watching her at all times.

Ateş Kuşları Episode 4 Trailer 

"No one searches for the lost....."

Ateş Kuşları Episode 4 Summary

"If he burns, strange people will burn the world." Gülayşe enters Çatal's lair, while Ali tries to protect Gülayşe from Çatal and Mercan and Zıpkın try to reunite her with her father, Gülayşe despairs for Yakup and dives into dangerous waters. She enters the fork's lair, she. She also steals Fork's stash. Harpoon and Mercan are after the truth! Mercan and Zıpkın are determined to trace the past in Eyüboğlu Mansion and prove the culprit. Zipkin's plan begins to work. But will Eyüboğlu hire Mercan without an ID? Will Harpoon and Mercan find the woman who trashed Gülayşe that night twenty years ago? 

The Firebirds' great test is after Gülayşe, and Çatal is now after her money and is even more dangerous. That money will get the Fork one step closer to the Firebirds. The brotherhood bond of the Firebirds will give a completely different test this time. Will the rootless get away with it? In the past, the rootless people who tried to look at Gülayşe by escaping from Çatal finally got caught. How will the Rootless manage to protect Gülayşe this time?

Ateş Kuşları will be on ATV with its 4th episode on Friday, February 3rd at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Ateş Kuşları (Firebird)

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