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Gecenin Ucunda Episode 14 Release Date Has Changed

Is there tonight at Gecenin Ucunda Episode 14? When is the new 14th episode released? Why Gecenin Ucunda Episode 14; January 3rd did not aired ? Here are the detail ...

It was wondered when the new 14th episode of the series "Gecenin Ucunda" will be published. The series, which included names such as Kadir Doğulu, Neslihan Atagül, Zuhal Olcay, Neslihan Atagül, was broadcast every week on Tuesday evenings. The fact this Night is not included in the Star TV broadcast stream created question marks in mind. So, when is the new episode? Why not Gecenin Ucunda aired tonight?

One wonders if Gecenin Ucunda is tonight. The 14th episode trailer of Gecenin Ucunda, broadcast on Star TV screens, is eagerly awaited. The series, in which the events between Macide and Kazım were followed with excitement, was on the screen every Tuesday evening. 3 January Star TV broadcast stream includes a special episode of the series "Gecenin Ucunda".

gecenin ucunda episode 14
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Gecenin Ucunda Adapted from Peride Celal's novel of the same name, the TV series "Ucunda of the Night", produced by TMC Film, meets the audience every Tuesday evening. Due to the fact that some TV series were not broadcast due to the New Year's holiday, the question of whether there is no tonight of Gecenin Ucunda came to the fore. Read Also All Episode of Gecenin Ucunda

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 14 Release Date

Gecenin Ucunda series will be in front of the audience with its special episode tonight at 09:45 P.M. The movie Invincible 4 will be screened at 08 P.M on Star TV broadcast stream. The 14th episode trailer has not been published yet. It is estimated that the series took a break due to the New Year's holiday. The new episode of the series "Gecenin Ucunda" is expected to come to the screens on Tuesday, January 10.

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 13 Summary

Macide, whose life was saved as a result of a miracle, risks everything and stands in front of Berrin with great anger. Kazım, who learns about the terrible deeds his mother has done, is smitten with his brain. This disaster that befell them becomes a turning point in the love of Macide and Kazım, and they decide to marry with a move that will surprise even themselves. Macide, unaware of Nermin's pregnancy, unaware of Şermin's rapprochement with Cihangir, and unaware of the plots set up by the Işık Family; He vows to be happy with Kazım despite everything and everyone. However, sticking to this oath is now more difficult than ever for Kazım and Macide.

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  1. It is very frustrating that no consideration is given to the viewers and then the production complains that there aren’t the numbers required watching the show and decide to just stop producing. There is no professionalism at the way they present the product. This Turkish drama is one of the most exciting dramas especially seeing the great cast. People tend to lose interest and then maybe decide to watch the whole series when it’s finalized just to not be disappointed if it stops producing.