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Kara Orman (Blackwoods) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

"Kara Orman (Blackwoods)" A new series is coming from FOX! What is the synopsis? Who are in the casts? Which channel and when will the serie be released?

Who are Kara Orman series players? a new series is being prepared to be broadcast on Fox TV screens. Burcu Kıratlı plays the lead role of the new series called Black Forest. Who will be in the cast of the Black Forest series? What is the synopsis of Kara Orman series? Let us share with you in the continuation of this topic.

O3 Medya, which has signed many successful TV series to date; They are preparing a new series called 'Kara Orman', the screenplay of which was written by Ali Aydın (Istanbullu Gelin) and the director has not been clarified yet. Here are the synopsis and cast of Kara Orman, Burcu Kıratlı, with the character of Karaca, will take the lead role of the series, which will be focused on the tragic events after an accidental murder, whose preparatory work continues, with an impressive language. Kara Orman, coming soon to FOX channel!

kara orman synopsis cast

The cast of Kara Orman series, which FOX will bring to the screens in 2023, has been shaped. Burcu Kıratlı also found a place for herself among the players. The script of Kara Orman series, will be written by Ali Aydın, who previously wrote the script of Istanbullu Gelin series and was very popular. In the TV series Kara Orman, the tragic events of a girl named Karaca after an accidental murder will be told. The Black Forest series will appear on Fox TV screens in February 2023, instead of the TV series Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi.

Character Cast of Kara Orman (Blackwood)

Halit Ozgur Sari

Halit Özgür Sarı was born on October 4, 1993 in Istanbul. After graduating from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Economics, she took acting training. The handsome actor, who is 178cm tall and 71kg, had his first acting experience in 2018 with the Diriliş Ertuğrul series. Halit Özgür Sarı, who will be among the Black Forest players, has previously acted in productions such as Sampiyon, Kardeslerim, Hakan: muhafiz

Burcu Kıratli as Karaca

Burcu Kıratlı, one of the resentful actresses of recent times, decided to return to acting after she ended her marriage with Sinan Akçıl once again. Burcu Kıratlı, who has recently appeared in the Diriliş Ertuğrul series and the Aşk ve Mavi series, will be the female lead in the cast of Kara Orman, and the series will showcase her beauty and acting skills with the character of Karaca.

Burcu Kıratlı, who recently starred in the movie 7 Melek, was born on July 23, 1989 in Istanbul and is 33 years old. Burcu Kıratlı graduated from Yeditepe University Communication and completed her acting education at Müjdat Gezen Art Center. Burcu Kıratlı is 1.67 cm tall and weighs 49 kilograms. Burcu Kıratlı is divorced for the second time with Sinan Akçıl, whom she married for the second time. It is claimed that Burcu Kıratlı is currently in love with Lawyer Nail Gönenli.

Karaca is a young and beautiful girl in the Black Forest series. Struggling with poverty and financial difficulties while building a beautiful life, Karaca gets into big trouble after killing the man who wanted to sexually abuse her.

Simay Barlas

Born on May 7, 1999, Simay Barlas was born in Istanbul. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Cinema and Television Department, the actor is 166cm tall. Simay Barlas, who had his first acting experience with the series Shattered, has previously acted in productions such as Aziz, Bir Mother's Sin, Zalim Istanbul, Name Legend.

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