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O Kız (That Girl) Episode 20: Trailer And Summary

The new 20th episode trailer of O Kız (That Girl) has been released! In the end episode; Doruk makes a strong allusion to Ozan about his mysterious 'main lover', and no matter how much Sitare tries to cover it up. So, what happen in the episode on January 30th? 

O Kız 20th episode trailer has been released. What will happen in O Kız Episode 20? You can watch the 20th episode of O Kız on Kanal D screens on Wednesday in HD and as a single piece. Here are 20th episode trailer and episode summary of O Kız (That Girl) ....

In the end episode trailer; Melek's eyes are locked on Zeynep... Now she has learned that she has a daughter. But his head is in a confused state… Doruk continues to crush the Sitare front. In order for Kadir's news to be forgotten and the agenda to change, he arranges an invitation for Zeynep and Ozan to be the presenter. 

episode 20 o kiz
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Kadir admits that they talked to Melek! This invitation allows him to get closer to Zeynep and Kadir and Melek come face to face. While Kadir is happy to see his Melek, Melek is having a hard time playing the role of a great guilt... Now her only goal will be to get her daughter Zeynep from Sitare's hand.

What happen in the end episode?

While Zeynep is surprised to see her father with Melek, Melek tries to manage the situation, but the situation quickly turns into a mess because of Kadir's inability to lie. Arriving quickly, Sitare handles the situation agile. There is a great tension between Doruk and Ozan, apparently because of the shrinkage in the agency, but in reality because of Zeynep. 

During this tension, witnessed by Melek and Sitare, Doruk makes a strong allusion to Ozan about his mysterious 'main lover', and no matter how much Sitare tries to cover it up, Melek puts the implication that Ozan has someone else in her life. Sitare brings İsmail and Türkan face to face with Melek. Melek, who suddenly finds herself in front of Türkan and İsmail, is surprised at what happened, while the giant confrontation is very harsh and striking, especially for İsmail.

O Kız (That Girl) Episode 20 Trailer 

"I Can Still Love Zeynep ....."

What will be Ozan's surprise? Seeing Melek and Doruk in the new 20th episode, Kadir's dreams are shattered! Kadir, who saw Melek and Doruk kissing, was almost devastated. All hopes vanish at once. Ozan, on the other hand, is in pursuit of obtaining Zeynep. Zeynep has a plan to steal her heart.

O Kız (That Girl) Episode 20 Summary

Zeynep is in great surprise with Ozan's surprise! Kadir, who sees Melek and Doruk kissing, experiences a great emotional destruction and disappears without being seen by anyone. While his family is anxiously looking for Kadir, Sitare finds Kadir at his door. Kadir, whose heart was shattered by the pain of love after seeing Melek and Doruk, went to Sitare to talk about the pain of love.

Doruk, who believes that Zeynep really wants to marry Ozan, is emotionally devastated even though she never shows it to Zeynep. Zeynep, on the other hand, is in the difficulty of the fait accompli that she faces about Ozan. Doruk, who was hit hard by Zeynep's engagement, sensed that there was something strange about the engagement between Kadir and Melek. He is haunted by a tiny suspicion and is horrified by what he learns.

Kanal D's new series O Kız (That Girl), produced by Content House and prepared to make a name for itself with its impressive story and rich cast, starts on Kanal D on Monday evening at 08 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of O Kız (That Girl)

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