Yalnız Kalpler (Lonely Hearts) Release Date Has Been Announced

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It is wondered when Fox TV's new series Yalnız Kalpler (Lonely Hearts) will start. The script of the series, produced by Bros Film, is written by Eylem Akın. So, when does Yalnız Kalpler start? What is the subject of Yalnız Kalpler series, who are the actors? Here are all the curiosities about the new series...

The exciting wait for Yalnız Kalpler series continues. The new TV series, designed by Selim Erkul, written by Eylem Akın and directed by Cevriye Demir, will be broadcast every weekday. We have compiled all the details about Yalnız Kalpler series for you.

Yalnız Kalpler Release Date

"Yalnız Kalpler (Lonely Hearts)", produced by Bros Film, designed by Selim Erkul, written by Eylem Akın and directed by Cevriye Demir, which started the countdown for the broadcast day, is on FOX every weekday at 06 P.M as of Monday, January 9th.

yalniz kalper release date
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Yalnız Kalpler Plot Story

Having lost track of each other after a magical evening in Cappadocia, Ayda and Teoman meet again in Ankara three years later, but Ayda is now with Teoman's cousin Mehmet. A difficult period will begin for Ayda, who is crushed under the pressure of her mother, and Teoman, who is torn between her family and her love. 

Kumru, on the other hand, tries to provide a good life for her brother Buse, despite the ambitions of her stepmother Fatma and her daughter Nazlı. Chief Ozan, who has become obsessed with Nazli, takes a job to take care of his grandmother, which will change Kumru's life in an unexpected way.

Yalnız Kalpler Players

In the cast of the series, which received great acclaim with its first introduction; Nusret Şenay, Özlem Boyacı, Nermin Uğur, Mehtap Öztepe, Sena Şahin, Taygun Sungar, Elif Gülhan, Furkan Kapsız, Bengü Gürses, Serkan Melikoğlu, Dilek Bozkurt, Ezel Salık, Yasemin Çıtak, Elmas Evşen Topçuoğlu, Ceylin Ece Kavurkacı and Ayça Özvardar names are included.

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