Adım Farah Release Date Has Been Announced!

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The release date of the TV series "Adım Farah" starring Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek has been announced. When the First Episode of Adım Farah Series Will Be Released! Watch Adım Farah Trailer Promotion! 

Adim Farah series, which brings together Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek, is getting ready to appear before the audience. The first episode trailer of the highly anticipated series has arrived. So when will Adım Farah start and where will it be published? What is it about and who are its actors? Here are the curious ones…

New information was shared about the TV series "Adım Farah", which started to be shot in the past weeks and aroused the curiosity of the audience. It was a matter of great curiosity when this series, which has aroused great repercussions since it announced its cast and synopsis, and is preparing to become one of the ambitious series of the season, will start.

The TV series "Adım Farah", which has made a name for itself recently, continues to prepare at full speed to meet the audience. Filming was interrupted for a while due to the earthquake disaster in our country, and the actors of the series, especially Demet Özdemir, were helping the earthquake area. The shooting of the first episode of the series was completed and it was prepared to appear on the screen.

The audience who wanted to watch the TV series "Adım Farah" began to wonder on which channel and when it will start. The broadcast date of the series, "Adim Farah," starring Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek, whose first episode is eagerly awaited, has finally been announced.

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Adım Farah Release Date

It was decided to broadcast the television series "Adim Farah" on FOX TV, which is planning to upset the ratings with its interesting subject and successful cast. The first episode of the series, which will meet with the audience every Wednesday, will be broadcast on March 1, 2023. It is thought that this date may change depending on the situation of the country. Read Also Adim Farah Season 2 (Episode 15) Release Date

"Adim Farah" is a TV series produced by O3 Medya and produced by Saner Ayar. The director of the series is Recai Karagöz. Its screenplay was co-written by Deniz Dargı, M. Cem Görgeç and S. Cenk Boğatur. Since the subject of the series and the cast were shared with the audience, it aroused great curiosity.

Adım Farah Cast

In the cast of the already popular "Adim Farah" series; Famous and successful actors such as Demet Özdemir, Engin Akyürek, Fırat Tanış, Senan Kara, Lale Başar, Oktay Çubuk, Mustafa Avkıran and Ali Sürmeli, and Mert Doğan take the lead roles. 

Adım Farah Plot Story

The series, "Adim Farah", which will meet with the audience on FOX TV screens, tells the story of a woman named Farah (Demet Özdemir) having to flee her country and trying to survive with her son illegally. The character of Farah in the series unintentionally witnesses a murder and meets Tahir Lekesiz (Engin Akyürek) the same night. The intersections between Farah and Tahir's lives and the events they experience are discussed in the series. Tahir Lekesiz, whom she met the same night, will now change their lives forever... Read Also All Episode of Adım Farah

Adim Farah Episode 1 Trailer


Who is Demet Özdemir?

Demet Özdemir was born in Kocaeli on February 26, 1992, as the youngest of a family of three children. She took part in the team accompanying Bengü as a dance artist and later performed dance performances in the Ephesus Girls. She studied acting at Studio Actors between 2011-2013. She took part in Mustafa Sandal's clip called "Ateş Et ve Unut". She had her first television experience playing the character of Aylin in the TV series "Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim" on FOX. 

Later, she played the character of Alya in the TV series "Kurt Seyit ve Şura" and the character of Demet in the movie "Tut Sözını". She played the character of Aslı in the TV series "Çilek Kokusu", the character of Tulip in the TV series "No: 309", and the character of Sanem in the TV series "Erkenci Kuş". She won the Best Actress Award at the Murex D'or Awards for her performance in the TV series "Erkenci Kuş". She played the character of "Zeynep Göksu Tunahan" in the TV series "Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir", which is an adaptation of the novel "Camdaki Kiz". Most recently, she starred in the Disney + TV series "Dünyayla Benim Aramda".

Who is Engin Akyürek?

Engin Akyürek was born on October 12, 1981 in Ankara and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of History. He took the first step into acting in the competition show "Türkiye'nin Yıldızları" and played the character of Kadir Sadıkoğlu in the TV series Foreign Groom. Next; He has appeared in TV series such as Ardından; Karayılan, Bir Bulut Olsam, Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?, Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi and Kara Para Aşk, and in the movie Kader (Destiny). He was named "Best Actor" at the Seoul Drama Awards for his performance in Kara Para Aşk and was nominated for an Emmy in the "Best Actor" category.

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