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Ateş kuşları Episode 5 [February 10] Release Date Has Changed!

Will there be a new 5th episode of Ateş kuşları on February 10? When will the series be aired?

Ateş kuşları series, which was watched fondly on ATV, was wondered if it existed on February 10. Friday, February 10 Will there be Ateş kuşları series or is there a new episode? Let's answer the question right away. Ateş kuşları series, which is broadcast on ATV screens on Friday evenings, will not be on the screen on Friday, February 10. Due to the earthquake disaster in our country, Ateş kuşları series will not be broadcast this week.

National mourning was declared after the earthquake that occurred in approximately 10 provinces, including Kahramanmaraş, which was felt very severely and caused the death of thousands of our citizens. It has decided not to broadcast new episodes this week in many TV series broadcast on the television screen. The series will not be screened for at least a week. Ateş kuşları series, which should be broadcast on Friday, February 10, will not be on the screen this week due to the earthquake and national mourning.

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When is the new episode of Ateş kuşları Series?

We answered the question of whether there will be a February 10 Ateş kuşları series or not. The new episode of the series, which will not be on the screen this week, will continue from where it left off on Friday, February 17 at 08 P.M. 

Ateş kuşları series will not be broadcast on February 10, but will continue on the screen with its new episode on February 17. Is it true that the new 5th episode of Ateş kuşları series was not broadcast due to the earthquake? You can write your opinion on this subject below. Read Also All Episode of Ateş kuşları (Firebird)

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