Episode 1 Başım Belada (I'm In Trouble): Trailer And Summary

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The 1st episode trailer of Başım Belada (I'm In Trouble) has been released! When will Başım Belada be gin? When will Başım Belada Episode 1 Start? Watch the 1st episode trailer here ....

Hakan Arslan and Ulaş Cihan Şimşek undertook the directorship of the TV series Başım Belada, starring Keremcem and Merih Öztürk. The audience also wondered when the reruns of the TV series Başım Belada, whose script was written by Salih Tuna, would be broadcast. We, will share with you when, the day and time of the series repetitions Başım Belada, which will be broadcast on ATV.

When Will Başım Belada Start? In the director's chair, Hakan Arslan and Ulaş Cihan Şimşek are sitting in the series Başım Trouble, which attracted attention thanks to its cast and subject. Prepared to appear in front of the audience on ATV screens, the series "I'm in Trouble" will start broadcasting on March 5, 2023. Headed by Yuksel Aksu, the TV series in Trouble will be on ATV screens every Sunday at 20:00, starting from March 5th.

basim belada episode 1
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When are the rebroadcast ofBaşım Belada? Başım Belada, the script of which was written by Salih Tuna, will start broadcasting on Sunday evening, March 5, at 20:00. The replay of the first episode will be broadcast at 22:15, right after the first episode of the seriesThe first episode of the series, which we will see on the screens during the week it started broadcasting, will also be rebroadcast on March 6 at 00:30.

What about the story of Başım Belada? The story of an ex-cop who was dismissed from his duty in the police department due to 'anger control', and a family with a secret past who has just moved to the neighborhood for revenge...

Başım Belada Episode 1 Trailer

Başım Belada Episode 1 Summary

While trying to survive by solving people's problems with Pele, Azam is also under the pressure of his mother Şerife's marriage. In order to break these pressures of Şerife, Pele takes a photo of Leyla, who has just moved to the neighborhood, with Azam and sends it to Şerife. On top of that, Azam's family comes to Istanbul from the country and wants to marry Azam. When Azam gets help from Pele again to find a solution to the secret he has kept from his family, things start to become unbearable. 

Leyla, along with her family, moved to the neighborhood to start their long-planned plan to take revenge on Çağdaş Varlı, whom they believe killed her brother Safa. Thinking that Çağdaş killed Safa for money, Leyla and her family have made a perfect plan to steal all of Çağdaş's money. However, a mistake they made after the robbery will drag them into a great unknown.

The TV series Başım Belada, signed by Baba Yapım and starring Keremcem and Merih Öztürk, is starting soon on ATV with the 1st Episode on March 5, 2023.

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