Episode 12 Çöp Adam (The Stickman): Trailer And Summary

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The new 12nd episode trailer of Çöp Adam (The Stickman) has been released. In the end episode; When Tamer strives to return Peri, Peri needs to prove Tamer's love. What happen in the episode on March 1st?

TV series broadcasted on TV and received great acclaimed Çöp Adam comes to the screen with the new episode. Watch Çöp Adam series viewers live. They're doing their research "How to watch New episode of Çöp Adam?. In addition, watch the 12nd episode of Çöp Adam will be published this evening! What about Çöp Adam in the new episode? research is also done.

Watch Çöp Adam Online Those who want to watch the new 12nd episode of Çöp Adam live fans can reach the details of how to watch the new episode. The series is broadcast on Star TV. You can watch Çöp Adam series on Star TV or the official website. Here are 12nd episode trailer and episode summary of Çöp Adam ...

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What happen in the end episode?

Shaken by fairy's sudden separation decision, Tamer does not want to accept the situation. As their love passes through a new exam, they both suffer from separately. When Tamer strives to return Peri, Peri needs to prove Tamer's love. Tamer, who learns Ahu's proposal to Peri, shares the situation with Berrin. Berrin, who slowly begins to see the real face of his sister, brings the ropes to the break. 

Ahu, who carries the patience of Selim, is suddenly alone with his loneliness. While Tamer Peri thinks he has given up, the fairy plans to return to him with a surprise. However, he has no intention of withdrawing from the war initiated by Berrin, who rolled up his arms to save his marriage. The struggle of two women will give Tamer more difficult times than ever before.

Çöp Adam Episode 12 Trailer 

"I hurt when my dear burns!"

Çöp Adam Episode 12 Summary

While trying to surprise Tamer, Peri, blocked by Berrin, turns Tamer's birthday into a battlefield. While the fairy screams all the truth, she is destroyed when Tamer does not believe her. Enraged by the shock of his daughter, Tamer confronts Peri and tells her to stay away from her family forever.

Although Berrin feels guilty for what she has done to her daughter, she is happy that she finally got her family back. Despite Dilber's hesitations, Meryem, who is proud of Berrin's victory, becomes her aunt's biggest supporter. Although this situation does not suit Ahu, who was abandoned by Selim, a "rich" stranger he met at the hotel will be a new ray of hope for him.

Trying to clear herself, Peri's extraordinary ways cause her to come face to face with Tamer again. Tamer, who can't control his passion for Peri, gets confused when he learns the hidden facts about Peri's family. Unable to reveal the truth despite all his efforts, luck smiles on his face at the point where Peri gives up. Meanwhile, Tamer decided to try a different way to find a solution to all these events.

OGM Pictures series signed by Melek Gençoğlu and Su Ersöz, Çöp Adam (Stickman) Episode 12 is on Star Tv on Wednesday, March 1st! Read Also All Episode of Çöp Adam (The Stickman)

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