Episode 2 Erkeğe Güven Olmaz (Men Can't Be Trust): Trailer And Summary

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Erkeğe Güven Olmaz (Men Can't Be Trust) 2nd episode trailer has been released. In the end episode; Sibel is a woman whose only priority in life is her job... A man who works in Erhan Sibel's company and is preparing to marry her beloved Elif. What happen in the episode on February 26th?

The series, which will start broadcasting on FOX TV screens, managed to attract all the attention with its cast of Can't Trust Men (EGO). In addition, the subject of EGO is quite remarkable. The secon episode trailer of the highly anticipated new series EGO has arrived!

Watch the 2nd episode trailer for EGO! The 2nd trailer of the TV series "Erkeğe Güven Olmaz" starring Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz has been released. After the introduction, the series began to be very curious. Everything about EGO is in our news. Erkeğe Güven Olmaz, produced by Pastel Film, produced by Efe İrvül and Yaşar İrvül, directed by Doğa Can Anafarta and written by Erkan Birgören and Tuna Görgün, has been released.

Erkeğe Güven Olmaz Plot Story

In the series; Elif (Rüya Helin Demirbulut) and Erhan (Alperen Duymaz) are an engaged couple who love each other very much and their biggest expectation from life is to get married and build a happy home. The routine of their lives is disrupted by Erhan's tragic deception and Erhan is faced with a debt that is very difficult to pay.

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Their lives and psychology will be turned upside down with this news they went to together and received on Erhan's business trip. While debt, which is almost impossible to pay, has turned their lives into a nightmare, the offer made by Erhan's boss Sibel (Melisa Aslı Pamuk) will change their lives forever...

The cast of Erkeğe Güven Olmaz includes names such as Melisa Aslı Pamuk, Alperen Duymaz, Rüya Helin Demirbulut, Erdal Küçükkömürcü, Ahmet Kayakesen, Hülya Gülşen, Derya Beşerler and Naz Sayıner. The highly anticipated EGO series Episode 2 will be released on FOX TV on  February 12nd..

What happen in the end episode?

Sibel is a woman whose only priority in life is her job... A man who works in Erhan Sibel's company and is preparing to marry her beloved Elif... When Sibel learns that she needs an operation because of the cysts in her uterus and that she cannot become a mother after this operation, Erhan loses everything in the stock market. The lives of these two people, who collapsed on the same day and were diametrically opposed to each other, will not be the same again with Sibel's proposal to Erhan.

Erkeğe Güven Olmaz Episode 2 Trailer 

Erkeğe Güven Olmaz Episode 2 Summary

It is decision time for Erhan, who is upset by the shock of Sibel's offer. Elif, who has her whole world on one side... Sibel's offer, which will help her get out of the pit she fell into, on the other hand... Erhan is forced to accept Sibel's offer, even if she doesn't want to.

Erhan and Sibel return to Istanbul after three mysterious days in Antalya. Sibel made a big splash at the launch of the notorious "Ice Queen" Antalya and the whole fashion world is talking about Sibel's success. But Sibel's happiness does not last long, because there is someone else who knows what she is going through in Antalya… 

Sibel both her career and her family's trust; Erhan, on the other hand, is at risk of losing Elif forever. Meanwhile, Tuncay gives a tough test. How will he explain to his family that he has a son? On the other hand, Elif, who holds Sibel responsible for all her experiences, is determined to take revenge on Sibel no matter what.

Starring Melisa Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz share the lead roles in the TV series Erkeğe Güven Olmaz. The 2nd Episode will be released on February 26, 2023. Read Also All Episode of Erkeğe Güven Olmaz

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