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Episode 54 Yargı (The Judgement): Trailer And Summary

The new 54th episode trailer of Yargı (The Judgement) has been released! In the end episode; Ceylin, who believes that any road can be followed when it comes to "protecting her loved ones" until now, is Ilgaz's biggest supporter, but it will not be easy to find Defne. What happen in the episode on February 26th?

Yargı 54th new episode trailer has already attracted great attention. Surprising developments await the audience in the new 54th episode of Yargı series, which conquered the hearts of TV fans with both its cast and its scenes full of surprises. It is expected that the new episode of Yargı, which fascinates the audience with its love, revenge and drama-laden scenario, will be among the most talked about productions next week.

Yargı series met with the audience in the new 54th episode trailer. Yargı, which has made a name for itself with its bomb-like promotions and its cast, will lock the audience on the screens again with its exciting and emotional scenes in the 54th episode. Yargı, which draws attention with its breathtaking scenes, is in our news with the trailer of the new 54th episode and its details.

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Will Ilgaz be able to find his brother? Ilgaz cannot control his feelings because of his father's serious injury and the serious situation. On top of all this, Ilgaz, who lost his brother, goes crazy. Ceylin, on the other hand, does not leave Ilgaz alone in these difficult days and supports him. Will Ilgaz be able to find his brother? Here are 54th episode trailer and episode summary of Yargı ....

What happen in the end episode?

When Defne's bag is found at the crime scene, Ilgaz's world falls apart. Moreover, Metin's situation is critical, and the magnitude of the evil that this gang dealing with them can do now makes everyone nervous. Resolving the "dead bride" case as soon as possible is also very important in terms of finding Defne. Ilgaz, Ceylin and the people around them put their lives in their teeth and focus on solving the case as soon as possible by mobilizing all safety.

While the secrets of Çetin, who are included in the case file, are revealed one by one, the biggest reflection of this is the relationship between Osman and Aylin. Eyüp, who attracts the attention of Çınar, unexpectedly comes with a move that will be right in the middle of the events. Ceylin, who believes that any road can be followed when it comes to "protecting her loved ones" until now, is Ilgaz's biggest supporter, but it will not be easy to find Defne.

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 54 Trailer 

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 54 Summary

"Is it cooled down once ......" Defne's video deeply injured everyone, especially Ilgaz and Ceylin. The events that start with a small spark are about to turn into an irreversible fire. Ilgaz, which captures the end of the rope, will mobilize its existence to attract the whole as soon as possible.

The "dead bride" case has been solved, but no one has intention to leave the groom Salim. Every information that will come from him is important to find Defne. Behind Salim still has a great mystery. The great power he takes behind is full of question marks. While everyone has become one heart for the discovery of Defne, Çınar enters into a cooperation with Eyüp, who spoke to him as an eyewitness.

While Yekta and Omar's clients Salim's guilt are clearly revealed, they make a new plan to use Ilgaz's helplessness in their favor. Ilgaz, Pars, Eren and Ceylin, who work with all the powers of justice and security, must make quick decisions and hold on to every crumb of information. The whole time works against them. A very painful event awaits them on a path they leave without seeing the end.

The new 54th episode of Yargı (The Judgement) series released on Sunday, February 26th at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Yargı (The Judgement)

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