Episode 55 Yargı (The Judgement): Trailer And Summary

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The new 55th episode trailer of Yargı (The Judgement) has been released! In the end episode; Ceylin, who believes that any road can be followed when it comes to "protecting her loved ones" until now, is Ilgaz's biggest supporter, but it will not be easy to find Defne. What happen in the episode on March 5th?

Yargı series was presented to the audience on Kanal D screens with the 54th last episode. Those who watched the last episode of the series on Kanal D screens. Has the new episode trailer of Yargı been released? fans continues their research in the form of "Watch the 55th episode trailer of Yargı" in order to find out. Kanal D and Yargı 55th episode trailer watch link and details from the end episode summary.

After the 54th episode of Yargı series, which aired on Kanal D screens on Sundays, he continues his research, "Watch the 55th episode trailer of Yargı", wanting to learn how the scenario will continue in the new episode. The broadcast date of the 55th episode of Yargı series has been announced! There are heartbreaking developments in the story! After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay, all channels were broadcast from the earthquake zone after the disaster in 10 provinces. While the series of the channels whose broadcast streams had completely changed, their shooting was also postponed.

The 55th episode trailer of the series has been released. Ilgaz, Ceylin and the others, who are trying to find Defne, are having a hard time due to the threat and the condition that the groom, who is detained on suspicion of killing the bride, be released in return for Defne! While Ilgaz is looking after the groom, who is waving his arms, he is eagerly awaiting what will happen with Defne.

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Meanwhile, Uğur Aslan's brother, aunt, nephews and some relatives, who gave life to Eren Commissioner in the series, lost their lives in the earthquake in Hatay. The actor had gone to the region and learned the sad news after he did not receive any news for a few days. Uğur Aslan's wife, Sema Ergenekon, is also the screenwriter of the series Judgment. It is known that after the losses they experienced in their families, the two names had a difficult time and nevertheless they continued to work.

What happen in the end episode?

When Defne's bag is found at the crime scene, Ilgaz's world falls apart. Moreover, Metin's situation is critical, and the magnitude of the evils that this gang dealing with them can do now makes everyone nervous. Resolving the "dead bride" case as soon as possible is also very important in terms of finding Defne. Ilgaz, Ceylin and the people around them put their lives in their teeth and focus on solving the incident as soon as possible by mobilizing all safety. However, Yekta and Ömer, who do not hesitate to resort to all kinds of dark ways, are not idle either.

While the secrets of Çetin, who are included in the case file, are revealed one by one, the biggest reflection of this is the relationship between Osman and Aylin. Eyüp, who attracts the attention of Çınar, unexpectedly comes with a move that will be right in the middle of the events. Ceylin, who believes that any road can be followed when it comes to "protecting her loved ones" until now, is Ilgaz's biggest supporter, but it will not be easy to find Defne. There is a more serious and dangerous gang in front of them than they thought, Ilgaz falls into a great dilemma in order to save Defne.

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 55 Trailer 

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 55 Summary

"... and from best to worst in one step." Ilgaz is making a great effort to find Defne as soon as possible. Time is getting narrower. Everyone around him, especially Ceylin, helps him with all his strength. Now they will get a big clue. The death of Salim and Rıdvan turned all the rules upside down. The results of Pars' impulsive decision quickly lead him to a great destruction.

On the other hand, Metin's critical vital condition continues; Cinar, on the other hand, questions her brother's decisions. On the side of Yekta and Ömer, who are involved in the event as clients from the groom's side, Ömer is in a hurry to play an unexpected trump card. An unexpected reaction will come from Ceylin to this move, which will redefine the fronts. Despite the problems between them, Ilgaz-Ceylin couple, who are trying to reach a solution together even in this case, which threatens all the members of their family, is at a crossroads. They have to make a decision in divorce cases.

The new 55th episode of Yargı (The Judgement) series released on Sunday, March 5th at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Yargı (The Judgement)

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