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Gülcemal FOX TV Series Release Date Has Been Announced!

When Will Gülcemal FOX Series Begin? What is the synopsis of Gülcemal? Here are the actors actresses and theirs characters of Gülcemal series ....

Details about the highly anticipated Gülcemal series have begun to emerge. The actors and character of Gülcemal, which will start shooting this Sunday, are with you. So who are Gülcemal players? What is the story of Gülcemal? When will Gülcemal start? Here are the details...

The details of Gülcemal series are slowly starting to emerge. In the series, which was first introduced as Murat Ünalmış's series and announced to be named Gülcemal, it was wondered who Ünalmış's partner would be. After a while, it was announced that Melis Sezen, the unfaithful Derin, will be the lead role in the series. Details about the highly anticipated Gülcemal series, in which two successful actors will take the lead, are slowly starting to emerge.

Murat Ünalmış, one of the most popular names of the screens as Çukurova Demir, was in seclusion after the finale of the series and did not take part in any project. The famous name, who scrutinized the offers that came to him, finally shook hands with the producers of Gülcemal series. Afterwards, the actors of Gülcemal series, which were determined to have an agreement with Melis Sezen, became a subject of curiosity.

gulcemal release date

When will Gülcemal series start?

In the series of Gülcemal, which attracts attention with its successful cast, Murat Ünalmış will give life to the character of Gülcemal, while Melis Sezen will portray the role of Deva. The release date of the series will be started on April 6,2023.....

Gulcemal series casts and characters

While Murat Ünalmış will give life to the character of Gülcemal in the highly anticipated Gülcemal series, Melis Sezen will appear with the character of Deva. Sema Keçik "Zafer", Samet Kaan Kuyucu "Mert", İlay Erkök "Gülendam", "Atilla Şendil "Halil İbrahim", Nilüfer Açıkalın "Gara Ana", Burak Can "Armagan", Cahit Gök "Vefa", Meltem Akçöl " İpek”, Sabahattin Yakut “Emrullah”, İpek Ayaz Kortunç “Canan” and Gökçem Çoban “Semra” will play their roles.

What does Gülcemal mean?

First Meaning: Rose-faced lover. Second Meaning: Purity, clarity and grace in the face of the lover.

On which channel will Gülcemal be broadcast?

The highly anticipated Gülcemal series will be on FOX TV screens this season, which has not achieved outstanding success in the new series ratings.... 

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