Is There Gecenin Ucunda on February 21? Here is Episode 19 Release Date

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On February 21, Is there a series Gecenin Ucunda, is it finished or is it the final? Why Gecenin Ucunda not showing tonight? When will Gecenin Ucunda Episode 19 Start?

It was wondered if there was a TV series Gecenin Ucunda on February 21. National mourning was declared because of the earthquake. Most of the series will not be on the screen this week. Gecenin Ucunda, did the series end or did it make a final? was wondering. The earthquake, which was felt in many cities centered in our hero Maraş province, shocked the whole country. For this reason, there will be no serials this week.

Is There a TV Series on Gecenin Ucunda on February 21 or not? No, the new episode of the series will not be due to the earthquake this week. Gecenin Ucunda series was broadcast on Star TV on Wednesday evenings. However, the day changed with the start of the stickman series. Since there would not be two serials in one day, the series had to change days. Why did the stickman series start on Wednesday, Gecenin Ucunda whether the series was discarded or the early finale will be in our news.

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Why isn't there a series Gecenin Ucunda? Is it over?

Gecenin Ucunda, which is broadcast on Star TV every Wednesday evening, the series did not come to the screen on Tuesday, February 14. The viewers, who could not see the series on the channel, began to wonder. Let's answer questions such as whether there is February 21 or why not. Due to the earthquake, February 21, Gecenin Ucunda, will not broadcast a new episode this week. Star TV will not broadcast the new episode this week due to the earthquake and national mourning. Is Gecenin Ucunda series over or is it the finale?

Why isn't there Gecenin Ucunda on February 21?

We answered no to the question of whether there is a TV series at the end of Gecenin Ucunda on February 21. The reason is the severe earthquake in our country and after the earthquake that killed thousands of people, Star TV decided not to broadcast new episodes of the series this week. With the new summary, the new episode of Gecenin Ucunda will not be broadcast on Tuesday, February 21.

Star TV started the stickman series, which will begin as if there were no other days, on Wednesday so that it can get higher ratings. However, this situation led to comments that the series was sacrificed Gecenin Ucunda. Because Gecenin Ucunda, which was taken to Tuesday after Wednesday, the day it started, it will probably make an early finale after a few episodes.

Will Gecenin Ucunda series make an early finale?

Gecenin Ucunda, which did not come to the screen on Wednesday, November 23, the series was moved to Tuesday with the start of the stickman series. However, we can say that the series was left alone with a tougher rating struggle on Tuesday. On Kanal D, 3 sisters are on TRT screens, heartbreaking on ATV screens, I can't fit in this world, on Show TV, TV series like the father put up a very tough struggle on Tuesday evenings. It seems very difficult for the series to get a rating among such a strong series. Therefore, let's not be surprised if the series Gecenin Ucunda makes an early finale after a short while.

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