Not Defteri (Notebook) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Not Defteri (Notebook) series presented to the audience as a youth series by Fox TV in 2014 was produced by Avşar Film and directed by Ilgaz Giritlioğlu. Tarık Ündüz, Ekin Dayman and Fatih Al took the roles. The cast of the series Beste Kökdemir, Ebru Özkan, It consists of many young talented actors such as Seda Telciler, Melisa Toros, Barış Angigün, Umut Özkan. 

Fatih Al, one of the leading actors in the series, plays the character of Mahir Soysal. Mahir Soysal is the school's literature teacher. His wife, who separated from him years ago due to the problems she had. He took his daughter and settled in Istanbul. When he sees the rebellious and uncaring attitudes of the students at the school he started, he thinks that he did not come to Istanbul just to see his daughter, and he dedicates himself to his school and his students. 

Ekin Daymaz plays the character of Egemen. He is one of the poor but proud and brave students of the school. Egemen is also the most beautiful and richest girl in the class, Tarık Ündüz plays the character of Ufuk in the series. Ufuk is the head of the group consisting of the rich children of the school. She is one of the richest in the school. She is also cousin to Egemen. She is in love with Selin, Egemen's lover. .

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The subject of the series is that the students of Dersaadet High School are separated among themselves as a group of poor and rich students. The poor group is headed by Egemen, and the rich group is headed by his cousin Ufuk, and it deals with many troubles, fights and loves at school. explains the efforts of his teacher, Mahir, for the school and its students.

Synopsis of Not Defteri (Notebook)

Literature Teacher Mahir Soysal is looking for a new life in which he can take shelter while stepping through the door of Dersaadet High School for his first day of class. In the past, Mahir, who guided the problematic students whom all his colleagues saw as hopeless cases and brought them to life, caused them to experience a tragic event that would darken the life of his own family during this struggle. Mahir, who lost his son while living in Istanbul 6 years ago and his family broke up after this incident, will start a difficult struggle to find Zeynep, his daughter, whom his ex-wife has not shown him for years, and to change the lives of his students who have given up hope for the future.

Cast of Not Defteri (Notebook)

Mahir Soysal as Fatih Al

Suna as Ebru Özkan

Ufuk as Tarık Ündüz

Egemen as Ekin Mert Daymaz

Selin Soral as Beste Kökdemir

Can as Feyzan Soykan

Bekir as Ümit Atalay

Süleyman as Emir Ünver

Uğur as Bağış Angigün

Metin as Yiğit Yapıcı

Hürol as Tolgar Özaltındere

Yağız as Nazif Uğur Tan

Alper as Emir Özden

Koray as Münir Can Cindoruk

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