Teşkilat Episode 65 [February 12] Release Date Has Changed!

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Is there Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 65, Sunday Feb 12 Air or Not? When Will Teşkilat 65th Episode Be Released? Here are the detail .....

One of the most popular TV series of TRT1 channel, Teşkilat, will the last episode be broadcast this Sunday? Will the phenomenon series of Sunday evenings meet with its fans tonight? It was a matter of curiosity whether the last episode of the series, which met with the audience on Sundays at the weekend on TRT1 channel, will be broadcast this week. 

The series, which met with its fans under the direction of Burak Arlıel, managed to lock the audience on the screen with its last episode. So when will the new episode of the series be released? Is it this week? When is the new episode? When will Teşkilat 65th episode be released?

After the earthquake disaster in the past days, it has been announced that not all TV series will be broadcast. Teşkilat series employees also announced that this week's episode of the series will not be broadcast. It is not yet clear when the new episode of the series will air.

teskilat episode 65 release date
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After the terrible earthquake we experienced, there will be no TV series and commercials on television channels. It is not known when the channels, which are expected to continue in this way for a long time, will give series and advertisements. Read Also All Episode of Teşkilat (The Agency)

What happen in the end 64th episode? 

After the successful operation, the team that takes Frederick is caught in the middle of the conflict while implementing the exit plan. Danger bells are ringing for Hartley, who is on the target of Efkar's barrel. Having learned that there will be a threat to the defense industry, the team decides to start the operation without wasting time.

Trying to reach Hartley, Ömer gets very important information about Hasan Atmaca. As a result of Efkar's Hartley plan, the person he encounters will be someone he did not expect. The knot that will start the war between Hartley and Efkar is about to break!

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