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Episode 2 Kraliçe (The Queen): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode trailer of Kraliçe (The Queen) has been released! In the end episode; Deniz and Ateş, one of the country's famous basketball players, are happily married. So what happen in the episode on March 29th. 

Breaths were held for Kraliçe series starring Burcu Özberk and Gökhan Alkan. The second trailer came from the first episode of the series. The date of the second episode, which TV series fans are eagerly waiting for, has been announced. So, is Kraliçe an adaptation series? When and on which channel will it be broadcast? Here is Kraliçe 2nd episode trailer and episode summary ....

The brand new series of their screens, Kraliçe, attracted great attention with its successful cast and promotions. While the shooting of the series continued rapidly, the day of its release was eagerly awaited. The countdown has begun for Kraliçe series adapted from Queen Sugar, which was broadcast in the United States and became popular in a short time.

episode 2 KRALICE
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Kraliçe series, produced by Mednova, tells the reunion of 3 siblings who lived different lives after the death of their father. These three sisters have to come together after their father's death, and the struggle for life of the three siblings begins.

Bringing together Burcu Özberk and Gökhan Alkan in the lead roles, the Queen series will be on Kanal D screens with its first episode on March 22, 2023. Here are 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Kraliçe ....

What happen in the end episode?

Deniz and Ateş, one of the country's famous basketball players, are happily married. The whole country is shaken by a scandalous news about the basketball team players. With the video that emerges in the team's next match, Deniz and Ateş are on everyone's lips.

Upon the image of her husband with an escort girl, Deniz went down to the field in the middle of the match and attacked Ateş. While all this is going on, Deniz's father, who lives in his farm in Kefken, has a stroke and dies. Deniz, whose marriage was shaken and her father lost, will have to start life again with her siblings Zeynep and Ali.

Kraliçe Episode 2 Trailer

"How Many Times Have You Made Love With Her ...?"

Kraliçe Episode 2 Summary

While Deniz is trying to overcome the effects of what she has been through, Ateş sets out to prove his innocence and seek his right with the anger of being wrongfully accused. Things are not going well on the farm either. Zeynep and Ali are shocked when they learn the extent of their father's debts. While Ateş is torn between making an offer to Deniz that will affect their lives; Deniz, Zeynep and Ali are shocked when they learn a secret from their father through lawyer Mahir.

"Kraliçe (The Queen)", starring Gökhan Alkan and Burcu Özberk with Cevdet Mercan in the director's chair, is on Kanal D on Wednesday, March 29 at 08 P.M with the 2nd episode. Read Also All Episode of Kraliçe (The Queen).

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