Episode 20 Tuzak (The Trap): Trailer And Summary

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The new 20th episode trailer of Tuzak (The Trap) has been released! In the end episode; Witnessing the conversation between Güven and Umay, Meral threatens Umay and pressures her to live with him and Demir. What happen in the episode on March 17th?

Tuzak end episode trailer has been published on our site quickly. The new 20th episode of Tuzak series, which was watched with great admiration on TV8 screens, will be with you on Friday, March 17, at 08 P.M. What will happened in the popular series this week, Was Tuzak 20th new episode trailer released? Here are the details ....

Tuzak, one of the most watched productions of TV8 screens, came to the screen with its 19th episode. The episode, which was eagerly awaited by the audience, was also highly appreciated. Audience of Tuzak 20th episode. Is the new 20th episode trailer released? Fans began to seek an answer to their question.

After the confrontation with her family, Umay leaves the house and goes to Güven. Hope, on the other hand, cannot accept this situation, but cannot prevent it. Güven tries to persuade Umay to settle in her own house. Gülce draws the reaction of the Chief Prosecutor on the grounds that she acted incompletely in the Umut Yörükoğlu investigation. Thereupon, Gülce reevaluates Meral's offer and wants to win the psychological war against Umut. Unable to accept Mahir's rapprochement with Ayşe, Luna now decides to act with logic and offers Demir to cooperate. This move of Luna will change the balance.

tuzak episode 20
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The first episode of Tuzak series, a joint production of Fabrika Production and Acun Medya, came to the screens on 19 October 2022. While Aytaç Çiçek is sitting in the director's chair, the script is written by Eylem Canpolat, Ayşenur Şık and Ali Yörükoğlu. Here are 20th episode trailer and episode summary of Tuzak .....

What happen in the end episode?

Umay leaves the house after the confrontation with her family and takes her breath with Güven. Although Umut cannot accept that Umay is leaving the house, he cannot prevent this situation. Meanwhile, Güven wants to place Umay in his own house. Witnessing the conversation between Güven and Umay, Meral threatens Umay and pressures her to live with him and Demir.

Luna cannot accept that Mahir is getting away from her and getting closer to Ayşe, and she puts her feelings aside and starts to act with logic. Right after, he offers Demir to cooperate. No matter how angry Demir is with Luna, his ambition to defeat Umut gets in the way of his anger. This move of Luna will change all the balances and start all over again.

Tuzak (The Trap) Episode 20 Trailer 

"Your life will end here ...."

Tuzak (The Trap) Episode 20 Summary

Umut, after Halil's death; He tries both to control Şeker and to put together the plan they prepared with Attorney General Tolga. When Gülce learns that Attorney General Tolga and Umut are acting together, she starts to act next to Umut, not against him. At the same time, Umut and Mahir argue that Şeker should surrender to justice because murder is involved, while Ceren does not support this idea. When Umut learns the truth about Halil from Şeker, he decides to offer Şeker two options.

The new 20th episode of Tuzak (The Trap) series, which will be watched with great admiration on TV8 screens, is on March 17th. Read Also All Episode of Tuzak (The Trap)

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