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Episode 3 Aile (The Family): Trailer And Summary

The new 3rd episode trailer of Ale (The Family has been released! In the end apisode; Hülya, on the other hand, has to sit at the same table with Cihan in order to end Aslan and Devin's relationship at the beginning of the road. What happen in the episode on March 21th?

Bringing together Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya in the lead roles, the third episode of Ay Yapım's new series "Aile" will meet with the audience on Show TV screens on Tuesday evening. The preview scene from the new episode of the series, which took the first place in the ratings with its second episode, was released. The dialogue between Devin and Hülya in the published preview scene gives the signals of the cold war that will begin between the two.

The original script was written by Hakan Bonomo, and Ahmet Katiksız sat in the director's chair, and the first episode locked the audience in front of the screen. The dialogue between Devin (Serenay Sarıkaya) and Hülya (Nur Sürer), who chats at an invitation, marks the preview scene from the second episode of the acclaimed series. With the response of Hülya, who gives advice to Devin about Aslan, the secret cold war between the two begins.

In the end episode of the series; Aslan, who came to Izmir to solve his uncle's affairs, meets Devin on the plane. Devin goes to Izmir to solve his brother's problems. Devin and Aslan, who don't like each other at first, find themselves in the same car after the trip. While Devin is sleeping in the car, he witnesses Aslan talking to his uncle. While Devin blames himself for what happened to Yağmur, Aslan consoles him. The rapprochement of these two disturbs Aslan's mother Hülya.

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As the relationship between the two progresses rapidly, Devin is surprised by Aslan's surprise. Although Devin thinks that they will not be happy, he gradually thinks that he is in love with Aslan. Even though they try to prevent their feelings, they will not be able to stay away from each other and will embark on a new path. Here are 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Aile ......

What happen in the end episode?

Devin's arrival at the table is enough for Hülya to see him as a threat. Hülya decides to apply the tactic she knows best: keeping her friends close and her enemies closer… As the first step, she invites Devin to an event of the association she is the founder of. Aslan's focus is to get his family out of illegal business. One of the most important steps of this operation is; is to become a partner in the company of young business person Atilla Özyılmaz. A helping hand from Cihan reaches out to Aysel, who had an accident. 

Hülya, on the other hand, has to sit at the same table with Cihan in order to end Aslan and Devin's relationship at the beginning of the road. Devin takes a decision after what happened at the event she attended with Hülya. But on the first night she spends with Aslan, she is confronted with the move that Aslan never expected, while succumbing to the attraction between them. Between the two, the ropes come to the breaking point. However, what happened at a surprise table where they came together pushes Devin to make a big decision about her life. This decision will be the most important breaking point in Aslan and Devin's journeys.

Aile (The Family) Episode 3 Trailer 

Aile (The Family) Episode 3 Summary

After Devin's proposal, Aslan and Devin decide to get to know each other better. A crisis on the farm turns Aslan with the potential in Devin; An unpleasant event that will happen the next night introduces Devin to the dark side of Aslan. Although the events cause Aslan and Devin to question their relationship, neither of them can resist each other.

When Aslan learns that Ati and İbo have agreed for the documentary project, this situation ignites a war as he takes action to break the partnership of the duo. With Hülya's secret guidance, Devin welcomes an unexpected visitor in her clinic: Cihan. The reason for this visit leaves Devin on the verge of a big decision. Cihan needs a psychologist.

Hülya, who is aware of the marriage proposal, has a marriage contract drawn up for Aslan and Devin to protect her family. While this contract brings him face to face with Aslan; On the other hand, he will push Aslan to take his own precautions for this marriage. However, this measure, which will destroy all of Devin's values, will put their relationship to a great test.

The countdown continues for the new series of Show TV screens, "Aile". Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ are on the screen after a long time. The new 3rd episode will be released on March 21th.... Read Also All Episode of Aile (The Family)

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