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The new 5th episode trailer of Ale (The Family has been released! In the end apisode; While Devin and Aslan are uniting their lives, an unexpected event at the wedding introduces Devin to the darkness of the Soykan family, of which she is now a part. What happen in the episode on April 4th?

Aile (The Family) series, starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, hit the screens with its episode last night. Devin and Aslan's fast-starting love was leading to marriage. However, the marriage contract drove Devin crazy. So what will Devin's decision be? Here is the new 5th episode trailer of Aile (The Family) series...

Devin and Aslan's fast-starting romance ends... Aile (The Family) series, which was produced by Ay Yapım and whose first episode was broadcast on March 7, 2023, is broadcast on Show TV screens every Tuesday. Ahmet Katiksiz sits in the director's chair of the series. Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ are taking the lead roles.

Aile (The Family) series, featuring successful actors, has been breaking ratings records on Tuesdays since the first episode. The last episode of the series came to the screen with the third episode last night. Devin had proposed to Aslan. After Devin's marriage proposal, the two started to get to know each other better. Devin learns about Aslan's dark side. 

episode 5 aile
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Although the couple questions their relationship, this situation cannot prevent their relationship. Learning of Devin's marriage proposal, Hülya prepares a marriage contract for Aslan and Devin. However, Devin will not take the marriage contract very positively. Here is the new episode trailer of the series

What happen in the end episode?

Aslan and Devin find themselves on the brink of separation after their relationship has come to a dead end. When they finally face the feelings they cannot resist, it is inevitable to make peace; The couple takes the first steps for marriage. However, Devin also has a condition in return for the prepared marriage contract. One big condition…

The sudden news of the marriage causes great repercussions on the farm. Faced with her greatest fear, Hülya uses her strongest trump card to prevent this wedding: Cihan, who persuaded Devin to therapy while they were apart from Aslan. There is no doubt that Cihan will be one of the most important guests of this wedding.

On the other hand, Ibo tries to dominate the family by using the vulnerability on the farm as an excuse. Realizing that he was tricked by Aslan, Ati confronts Aslan. Now both Igbo and Ati are bombs for Aslan with the pin pulled. And finally… At Soykan farm, drums and zurnas begin to be played! While Devin and Aslan are uniting their lives, an unexpected event at the wedding introduces Devin to the darkness of the Soykan family, of which he is now a part.

Aile (The Family) Episode 5 Trailer

While it is a matter of great curiosity who shot Eko in the series where the tension increases, Devin meets a different face of the Soykans after the event .......

Aile (The Family) Episode 5 Summary

With the gun attack on the farm, Devin needs the support of only one person as he goes through perhaps the most difficult days of his life: Aslan. But instead of Aslan, he finds himself with an army of bodyguards. Hülya, on the other hand, increases the pressure on her family members, especially Devin. Security on the farm is maximized until whoever orchestrated the attack is found. As she confronts the darkness of the Soykan family. 

Devin, who begins to question the truths she believes about Aslan, knocks on Cihan's door to find an answer. While trying to get to know Aslan, he will also meet the darkness within himself. Aslan's focus is on finding the person who shot Eko. Anyone who might benefit from this attack is suspect to Aslan. Finally, the curtain falls… Aslan finds out who the attacker is. Now is the time for revenge. However, Devin asks Aslan to promise not to turn this into a vendetta. Will Aslan be able to keep his promise to Devin as he executes his plans to bring Aslan and Devin to the farm?

The countdown continues for the new series of Show TV screens, "Aile". Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ are on the screen after a long time. The new 5th episode will be released on April 4th.... Read Also All Episode of Aile (The Family)

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