Episode 69 Teşkilat (The Agency): Trailer And Summary

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The new 69th episode trailer of Teşkilat (The Agency) has been released! In the end episode; The team, whose time is running out to save Zehra, starts risky operations. What happen in the episode on March 26th. 

The excitement in Teşkilat series, which met the audience on the screens, is at its peak this week as well. Teşkilat series came to the screen with its new episode on Sunday, March 26th. While the 69th episode of the series is getting ready to take your breath away. The series, which continues from where it left off with its third season, draws attention with its action-packed scenes. Information about the 68th episode of the series, starring Deniz Baysal Yurtcu and Murat Yıldırım, is in our news!

Those who missed the 69th episode and those who wanted to watch Teşkilat started their research. The action-packed scenes of the production, which met with the audience on TRT 1 on Sunday evenings, lock the audience in front of the screen. You can access the full tracking information of the 69th episode of Teşkilat in our news. Here are 69th episode trailer and episode summary of Teşkilat ....

episode 69 teskilat
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What happen in the end episode?

An unfortunate event happens to Ömer, who is trying to save Zehra, and his hands are tied together with Zehra. Omar, who is determined to save Zehra no matter what, overcomes all obstacles one by one. It is revealed that Zehra, who is sure of Ömer's future, is not wrong once again. An undesirable situation happens to Ömer, who forces all means to save Zehra from the place where he was taken hostage, and he is imprisoned in a place with Zehra. 

After the successful operation, the team takes a more difficult test when Zehra is captured. Efkar learns that the enemy from the past is at his door. This causes Sacide's wounds to bleed even more deeply. The team, whose time is running out to save Zehra, starts risky operations. Omer has only one chance to save Zehra, as the team takes a path to choose from. As the war between Efkar and Hartley gets even more dangerous, it's time for the two enemies from the past to come to terms.

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 69 Trailer

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 69 Summary  

Hasan Atmaca's death descends on everyone like a gloomy black cloud. Having completely closed his past account, Hartley focuses on his new plans, but now a new person has entered the game. Black Pearl will fall between Ömer and Zehra like a lightning bolt, bringing the duo to the brink of the past. Sacide, who receives the news from Korkut, experiences great pain. Korkut, who vows to hold accountable for those who caused Hasan Atmaca's death, is unaware of what will happen to him on his way out. Black Pearl, who is on Ömer and Zehra's radar, carries the account of the past to the present. Changing balances will lead to huge breakdowns.

The new 69th episode of TRT 1's new series, Teşkilat (The Agency), aired on Sunday, March 26h. Read Also All Episode of Teşkilat (The Agency)

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