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Episode 7 Al Sancak (The Hunter): Trailer And Summary

The new 7th episode trailer of Al Sancak (The Hunter) has been released. In the end episode; Although Sacit Commander's trust in Nadia is shaken, Ali defends Nadia despite everything. What happen in the episode on March 16th?

The ambitious new series of TRT 1 screens, Al Sancak attracted attention with its plot and action-packed scenes. So, what happened in the 7th episode of Al Sancak? Al Sancak in the end episode; Ali gets angry that Nadia broke into his family. Arguing with Nadia in anger, Ali does not know what to do in the face of what he hears. Nadia openly admits to Ali that she values and cares for him. After this speech that hurt Ali's conscience, Nadia leaves. Bahar is trying to convince Süleyman. 

However, the relationship between Süleyman and Bahar, who passed a great test, comes to a new stage. Meanwhile, Mithat learns that Nadia is alive. Berna learns Ali's secrets. Berna, who goes to visit Ali's house, is looking around when she realizes that Ali is not at home. Discovering the secret world in Ali's garage, will Berna get Ali in trouble? Realizing that Ali still doesn't trust her, Nadia talks to Travor to intercept the missile. She organizes an individual operation to eliminate the missile threat.

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The Claw Team, who learned Travor's location with Aslı's intelligence, organizes an operation at the same time as Nadia. Seeing Nadia and Travor in the operation area, Ali is shocked. Arguing with Nadia, Ali gets caught by Selim. Selim and Ali come face to face... Here are 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Al Sancak (The Hunter)

What happen in the end episode?

Although Sacit Commander's trust in Nadia is shaken, Ali defends Nadia despite everything. On the other hand, Mithat Sargon is on everyone's agenda, and Nadia wants to confront Mithat. Ali defends Nadia Ali diligently tries to heal Nadia, who has returned from Kosovo injured. On the other hand, he wants to get information about Mithat Sargon and Octopus structuring from him. Sacit Commander's trust in Nadia is damaged. Despite everything, Ali defends Nadia, who put her life on the line for the team. 

Ali tries to remember the details of the operation in which Atilla was martyred. He has the blurry silhouette of the murderer in his mind, and the memory of Atilla in his heart. Sedef, on the other hand, identifies the legal vacuum that the prosecutor relied on to release Mithat and decisively goes against it. The prosecutor is cornered by the octopus. There are thousands of innocents at the target of the octopus! Will Claw Team be able to prevent this attack? 

Al Sancak Episode 7 Trailer 

Al Sancak Episode 7 Summary

While Claw Team is ready to sacrifice his life for thousands of innocents, Mithat Sargon is after new plans and new goals. On the other hand; Thanks to Nadia, Ali will learn that Mithat is Atilla's murderer. Claw Team's difficult task Claw Team, which took action to stop the bloody operation of the Octopus, found itself in a very difficult task. However, every member of the team is ready to sacrifice his own life in order to save the lives of thousands of innocents. Sedef and Berna, Mithat Sargon, who does not hesitate to take the lives of anyone whom Mithat sees as a threat to his existence, plans to assassinate Berna through Amy. 

However, she is still unaware of whether this action will put Berna or herself in trouble. Another name Sargon's target is Sedef. However, instead of acting quickly to get rid of the threat of Sedef, he has a much different plan. How will the fate of Mithat and Nadia confrontation end? Nadia, who went to face Mithat, took precautions because she knew that she would not come to his invitation alone, but Mithat knows Nadia very well. What will be the result of Mithat and Nadia's confrontation? 

Ali learns about Atilla's murderer! Mithat Sargon will not hesitate to play big games to regain his lost reputation with the Octopus. Ali Captain, on the other hand, will learn that Mithat is Atilla's murderer thanks to Nadia, and will approach him with greater anger than ever before. Moreover, together with Nadia, they will set up a very complex game against Mithat. However, the tails of the foxes will become entangled and they will face great danger as a result of the work.

The new 7th episode of TRT 1's Al Sancak series, starring Uğur Güneş, will be released on March 16th. Read Also All Episode of Al Sancak (The Hunter)

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