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Fedakar (The Devoted) Release Date Has Been Announced!

The remarkable series of Fedakar (The Devoted) Release Date Has Been Announced! Here is The Information ....

Kanal 7's new series Fedakar came in the 2nd promotion. Kanal 7 increased the number of daily serials. Fedakar series looks no different from other series in terms of its subject matter. Here are the remarkable details about the Fedakar series…

Fedakar series will soon begin airing on kanal 7 screens. With the introduction, the angry male lead is burning to avenge his brother; On the other hand, a young woman who is subjected to the tortures of an innocent angry man.

The series takes place in a large villa type house. We see that Tarık, who wants to avenge his brother's death, tortures Elif by imprisoning her in her house. Fortunately, the female lead actress speaks out instead of giving in. The father figure did not appear in the series. It is possible to understand that the mother has a say in this.


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The Plot Story of Fedakar series

Elif, who lost her mother at a young age, is a devoted sister who supports her siblings Sefer and Narin. While Elif leads a life full of difficulties, she loses her younger sister Narin and only Sefer remains with her. While the two brothers are holding on to each other, Elif is suddenly devastated by the allegation that her sister Sefer is the murderer. 

The happy and peaceful life of Tarık, the sole heir of Karaca Holding, one of the few companies in Turkey, will change in an instant with the murder of his older sister, whom he loves dearly. Elif's sacrifice will come into play here and she will try to protect her brother. Elif and Tarık will fall in love and weave the web of fate on this road they unknowingly set out. Read Also All Episode of Fedakar (The Devoted)

Fedakar Series Casts

Fedakar series actors Berkay Veli, Aybüke Yılmaz, Doğaç Meriçliler, Mihriban Er, Ejder Özkarslıgil, Batuhan Hantal and Kahraman Sivri will take place.

Fedakar Series Released Date

The new series Fedakar will be on Kanal7 screens on the weekend at 19.00 from March 18.

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