Turkish Series Kraliçe (The Queen) Filming Location

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Where is Kraliçe (The Queen) series filmed? Where Is Kraliçe series filming location? In Which Neighborhood In Istanbul it is? The shooting of the new series Kraliçe will be held in Istanbul. We share the shootings, pictures, addresses and information with you in Istanbul.

Kraliçe (The Queen) shooting location was curious! The first teaser of KANAL D's new series, Kraliçe, has been released. The shooting location of Kraliçe series, which is among the new season series, is curious. Where is Kraliçe series filmed? Here is the answer to your question.

Turkish series "Kraliçe", produced by Mednova, directed by Cevdet Mercan, and adapted from the series Queen Sugar, is getting ready to meet the audience of KANAL D soon. But where is Kraliçe series filmed?

Kraliçe Filming Location

Queen Sugar is a worldwide known and watched series. Burcu Özberk and Gökhan Alkan take the lead roles in Kraliçe series adapted from the Queen Sugar series. It bears the signature of Mednova Yapım. Ayşe Akın, Serhat Parıl and Afra Karagöz play the roles of the Queen TV series directed by Cevdet Mercan. Other players are Enez Koçak, Ecenaz Üçer, Ege Semih Erken, Melis Özçimen, Caner Nalbantoğlu, Merve Honca. Queen series horoscope ozberk filming locations. Kraliçe series is filmed in Istanbul such as Beşiktaş and Galata.

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The first promotional trailer of Kraliçe series came to the screen. Along with the trailer, the shooting locations of the series were also a matter of curiosity. We know that the series was shot in Istanbul. The Queen series will take place in the luxurious districts of Istanbul. Because, due to its subject, it tells what happened to the family of a rich popular basketball player. Read Also All Episode of Kralice (The Queen)

In which district in Istanbul are the filming locations?

Deniz and Ateş are married and very happy in Kraliçe series. Ateş is the captain of the basketball team. We saw the couple Deniz and Ateş Akca, a rich and popular family, in the trailer. Obviously they are rich. Therefore, it is one of the luxurious houses of Istanbul in the houses they live in. Even though the basketball team captain is Ateş, they are meeting with all their friends in the team as a family. That's why we can see the houses of his basketball team friends. We think that all the houses are close to each other. where is the stadium where the queen series basketball match is held

Also, the players in Kraliçe series are basketball team players. That's why we will watch basketball games often. We shared pictures of the stadium where the basketball game was held. Basketball matches will always be played in the same stadium. Basketball matches are held at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall in Istanbul. 

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