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Character Cast of Tetikçinin Oğlu: Turkish Drama

Who are the casts of Tetikçinin Oğlu series? What about their character? Where is the filming location?

The actors of Tetikçinin Oğlu, who will appear in front of the audience on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, on Fox TV screens have been announced. Timuçin Esen, Şevket Çoruh, Genco Özak, Serhat Kılıç and Sezin Akbaşoğulları will take the lead roles in the cast of Shooter's Son. O3 Media will undertake the production of the TV series "Tetikçinin Oğlu" in which the crime theme will be handled, and Gökhan Horzum will be the scriptwriter of Yağız Alp Akaydın's directorship. Shooting for the TV series "Tetikçinin Oğlu" takes place in Bodrum.

Character Cast of Tetikçinin Oğlu

Şevket Çoruh play as İskender

Şevket Çoruh, known for his character "Mesut Komiser" in the TV series Arka Sokaklar, was born on June 30, 1973 in Istanbul. The 185m tall actress studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center after her high school education. Şevket Çoruh, who started his acting life with theater plays, participated in the TV series Arka Sokaklar in 2006 and took part in the cast for 16 years. Known as Mesut Commissioner, the actor married Özge Turna in 2018. Some productions in which Şevket Çoruh, who will take the lead role in the TV series Shooter Son, took part, are as follows: Dance with Jackals (Kayınço Gökhan), Aile Arasında.

Iskender from Diyarbakir is a businessman in appearance, but in reality he is a mafia. Yiğit, son of İskender, who has been close friends with Korkmaz for years, dies as a result of an accident. While Iskender is looking for the murderer of his son, Yiğit's murderer is Metin, the son of Korkmaz who has been searching for years. While Korkmaz tries to protect his son, Iskender tries to avenge his only son.

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Timuçin Esen play as Korkmaz

Timuçin Esen was born on August 14, 1973 in Adana. Originally from Niğde, the actor studied at Ankara University State Conservatory Theater Department for 2 years and graduated from this department by completing his education at Mimar Sinan University Theater Department. The experienced actress, 189 cm tall, took acting lessons in Italy and America after her university education. Timuçin Esen Hekimoğlu, who had his first screen experience with the production of Deliye Last Night, released in 2003, took part in productions such as Gülperi, Bodrum Tale, Gönül İşleri, Müslüm, Ben Gri.

Korkmaz is a close friend of Iskender. He is looking for his son Metin, who has been missing for 22 years. Korkmaz, who found his son Metin years later, will have the fear of losing his son this time.

Genco Özak play as Metin

Genco Özak was born on November 22, 1992 in Istanbul. He graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting. The handsome actor, who had his first screen experience with My Husband's Family, is 184cm tall and weighs 75kg. Genco Özak has recently appeared in the TV series Çukur and My Life. Metin is the elusive son of Korkmaz. Metin, who was separated from his parents the day he was born, is now a 24-year-old crazy young man.

Hilmi Cem İntepe play as Yiğit

Hilmi Cem İntepe, who will appear in the 1st episode as a guest actor in the TV series "Tetikçinin Son", will also appear with the character of Yiğit. Yigit is the son of Iskender who died as a result of an accident. Everyone thinks that Metin killed Yiğit.

Serhat Kilic play as Esat

Serhat Kılıç was born on July 8, 1975 in Ankara. He graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Department of Theater. The 178cm tall charismatic actor is known for his Ergün Plak character in the TV series Eighties. Serhat Kılıç has previously acted in productions such as Kurulus Osman, Maraşlı, Şeref Bey, Orgetmen, Ezel. 

Baran Can Eraslan play as Yunus

Baran Can Eraslan was born on June 18, 1990 in Izmir. Graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Department of Theater, the actress had her first acting experience with the TV series Snakes, which was released in 2014. Baran Can Eraslan, who will give life to the character of Yunus in the TV series Shooter's Son, has previously acted in productions such as Kirmizi Oda, Gülizar, Hayat Sarkisi.

Sezin Akbaşoğulları

Sezin Akbaşoğulları was born on April 22, 1981 in İzmir. The beautiful actress, who took part in theater plays during her high school years, graduated from Bilkent University Theater Department. The productions of Sezin Akbaşoğulları, who is 164cm tall and weighs 53kg, are as follows: O Kız, Üç Kuruş, Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu, Kırmızı Oda, Ufak Tefek Cinayetler

Bahar Şahin play as Sibel

Bahar Şahin was born on May 4, 1997 in Ankara. The beautiful actress, originally from Artvin, took part in theater plays throughout her education period. Bahar Ş, who had her first professional acting experience with the TV series O Hayat Benim, was released in 2015.

Esra Kizildogan play as Nursel

Esra Kızıldoğan was born in Izmir in 1980. The 170cm tall actress graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department. The beautiful actress has previously acted in popular productions such as Leyla ile Majnun, Alparslan Büyük Seljuk, Sefirin Kızı, Hayat Şarkısı.

Aybike Turan play as Kiraz

Aybike Turan was born on July 8, 1988 in Kırıkkale. A graduate of Sabancı University Engineering Faculty, the beautiful name studied at Şahika Tekand Studio for 2 years to act. Lastly, Aybike Turan, who took part in the Miracle Doctor series, took part in productions such as Arka Sıradakiler, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Alev Alev.

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