Episode 11 Al Sancak (The Hunter): Trailer And Summary

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The new 11th episode trailer of Al Sancak (The Hunter) has been released. In the end episode; While Sedef is Boran's target, Claw Team and Nadia are face to face. What happen in the episode on April 13th?

Starring Uğur Güneş and Gülsüm Ali İlhan, Al Sancak met with the audience on Thursday, March 30, with its 9th episode. TRT 1's popular TV series Al Sancak continues to be followed with interest every week. In the last episode of Al Sancak, there were warm developments and exciting moments. New developments await the audience in the 10th episode of Al Sancak. So what happened in the 11th episode of Al Sancak?

In the end episode of Al Sancak; Sedef is the target of Boran. Claw Team and Nadia came face to face. The octopus organization is forced to make some decisions as a result of the Special Forces' operations. On the other hand, Boran, who is involved in the plan, determines the Captain's brother, Prosecutor Sedef, as the first target. Captain Ali has to protect his family.

episode 11 al sancak
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The helicopter carrying Professor Cihangir Yılmaz, who was kidnapped by Octopus during the Claw Team operation, is forced to make a crash landing. This creates a new crisis. Claw Team, on the other hand, has a great opportunity to save the Professor. Nadia and Amy are given the task of removing the professor from where he is and transporting him to a secure base. The resulting information is vital to Nadia. Nadia's involvement in the operation was a big surprise for Claw Team. With Boran's involvement in the incident, the border line becomes a conflict area for everyone. Here are 11st episode trailer and episode summary of Al Sancak (The Hunter)

What happen in the end episode?

Successful operations by Special Forces force the Octopus organization to take radical decisions. Entering the new equation as quickly as his name, Boran puts Ali Captain's brother, Prosecutor Sedef Banazlı, as his first target. Will Ali be able to protect his family from the looming danger? The forced landing of the helicopter carrying Professor Cihangir Yılmaz, the key name of the National Defense Industry, who was kidnapped by the Octopus, creates a new crisis for Octopus. This development is a great opportunity for Claw Team to save the hostage. Sacit Commander, who manages the operation, mobilizes all possibilities to seize this opportunity. 

Mithat gives Nadia and Amy the task of picking up the professor and transporting him safely to Octopus' science base. Octopus, who put Boran on the field, lives his own internal calculation through Mithat. The information that has been revealed is vital to Nadia. Will Nadia be able to find out about her mother's fate? After the duo, Captain Ali and Claw Team set out for the crime scene. Tim is unaware of Nadia's presence in the area. This situation is pregnant with new surprises. How will Claw Team react when they meet Nadia? Mithat plays his last card to take his revenge on Claw Team. With Boran's involvement, the border line turns into a big conflict area where everyone shares their trump card. Ali Captain; Will he be able to get his team and Cihangir out of this hell?

Al Sancak Episode 11 Trailer 

Al Sancak Episode 11 Summary

As Claw Squad and Octopus engage in a new confrontation, Nadia must make a decision at a major crossroads. Boran's brand new game! While Claw Team is making a new plan to take Boran alive, which Lilith came and rescued at the last moment, Boran does not stay idle and starts to set up a very dangerous game. Ali confronts his brother Sedef While all this is going on, Sedef confronts her brother about what she heard when she was the prisoner of Octopus. How will this confrontation affect the two brothers' relationship? The merciless showdown of Claw Team and Octopus! Claw Team and Octopus once again engage in a conflict surrounded by mind games and wrist power. 

This conflict brings Ali and Boran face to face again, and the two's relentless reckoning continues with the inclusion of Nadia, moving to a completely different dimension. What will be Nadia's decision? Two major crossroads appear in front of Nadia, who acquires information that will turn her life upside down. It will be very difficult for Nadia to choose the path she will take. Because in both cases, he will have to pay a very heavy price and change the realities of his life from beginning to end. Claw Squad and Nadia reuniting? After all this, Claw Team will reunite with Nadia under unexpected circumstances. So what will this encounter lead to?

The new 11th episode of TRT 1's Al Sancak series, starring Uğur Güneş, will be released on April 13th. Read Also All Episode of Al Sancak (The Hunter)

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