Episode 5 Kraliçe (The Queen): Trailer And Summary

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The new 5th episode trailer of Kraliçe (The Queen) has been released! In the end episode; While Deniz was planning to open a divorce case by meeting with Mahir, she decided to respond to Ateş's game with a game. So what happen in the episode on April 19th. 

The new series Kraliçe appeared in front of the audience on Kanal D screens with its 4th episode this week! Popular young actors such as Burcu Özberk, Gökhan Alkan, Selin Şekerci and Özgün Karaman share the lead roles in the Mednova signed series. Cevdet Mercan sits in the director's chair of Kraliçe, which is adapted from the British TV series 'Queen Sugar'.

With its remarkable cast and scenario, which includes young and successful actors, Kraliçe series has locked the audience to the screen on Kanal D screens this week. In the end episode of the series: Deniz learns the big secret of Ateş. What will Deniz do now, who was almost destroyed by the secret she learned? At the press conference held, Ateş apologized to Deniz, causing Deniz to learn that he had been deceived in front of the whole country!

Deniz, unable to bear what had happened any longer, left Ateş and the house. A surprise awaits Deniz, who goes to the farm with her daughter. When Deniz reaches the farm, he sees the farm sealed by the bank and falls into another disappointment and despair. Seeing that Zeynep and Ali are trying to open the door with the children, Deniz convinces them that they should not open the farm. settled in the annex building of the farm

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Hard days await the family... While the dream is hard to understand what happened, he tells Deniz, "When I say I'll fix everything, everything gets worse. I don't believe you anymore." When she says, Deniz takes a blow from her daughter. The struggle for Deniz, Zeynep and Ali is just beginning. The three brothers are ready to do whatever they can to buy the farm. Ateş, on the other hand, is so sure that Deniz will return, so he rests. However, Ateş, who cannot live without Deniz, goes to the farm in a very short time on the pretext of seeing his daughter.

The end episode of Kraliçe, who succeeded in establishing a throne in a short time, received full marks from the audience. So, what will happen in the next episode of Kraliçe series? Here are 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Kraliçe ....

What happen in the end episode?

Deniz reacts strongly to both her sister and her husband after learning the secrets Zeynep and Ateş have shared in the past. While Ali wants to earn an additional income thanks to the job he found in the warehouse, he will enter into a dangerous game with the offer made to him. While Deniz was planning to open a divorce case by meeting with Mahir, she decided to respond to Ateş's game with a game.

Kraliçe Episode 5 Trailer 

"What if About the Married Man ...?"

Kraliçe Episode 5 Summary

Zeynep's forbidden love shocked everyone! Ateş convinces Deniz and takes her back home. However, Deniz burns the loan to avoid being alone with Ateş and leaves the house. It turns out that Ateş has a relationship with another woman behind the scenes. On the other hand, Zeynep's forbidden love is revealed and her siblings turn their backs on Zeynep.

Deniz, unaware of Gaye's past with Ateş, who wants to invest in the farm, agrees to meet with him. While Ateş is trying to gain Deniz's trust, he is unaware of Gaye's game. Zeynep and Ali, on the other hand, have to face him in a completely different way at the end of the game they play against Ziya.

"Kraliçe (The Queen)", starring Gökhan Alkan and Burcu Özberk with Cevdet Mercan in the director's chair, is on Kanal D on Wednesday, April 19th at 08 P.M with the 5th episode. Read Also All Episode of Kraliçe (The Queen).

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