Episode 51 Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu; Trailer And Summary

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The new 51th episode trailer of Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu has been released! In the end episode; Alparslan tried to prevent him from passing by turning the passageway into a swamp. What happen in the episode on April 10th?

In the 51st episode trailer of Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu, who made unforgettable scenes on TRT1, everyone's eyes and ears were turned to the words spilled from Sultan Alparslan's lips. The audience paid close attention to the words of Sultan Alparslan in the 51st episode trailer of Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu, which aroused a sense of admiration in the audience with its magnificent scenes on TRT1. The expressions of Sultan Alparslan, who showed a determined, self-confident, upright stance, and spoke of his invincibility and unshakable nature, made the audience say halal once again.

Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu in the new episode trailer, Sultan Alparslan said, "Allah has created a tribe from tribes. He wrote enthusiasm, courage, justice and mercy next to our name. Our name is Turkish! Our foreheads were made pure. I am Muhammed Alparslan, son of Çağrı Bey. It is the day when I shoulder the inheritance left to me and put on the state belt. Everything I dreamed about will turn into reality one by one. Every place we pass will be painted in our color. My nation will carry the banner of Islam. Let everyone know and remember that I am faithful to my eternal covenant in the shadow of the bow and arrow. I am the soil laid under the feet of Allah's servant and messenger ..."

episode 51 alparslan buyuk selcuklu
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Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu Plot Story

The Great Seljuk Sultan Tugrul Bey orders an expedition to Anatolia. The mysterious assassination of the kings who went on the expedition will surprise everyone. Alparslan, who is doing research on the assassination, will find traces that he never expected. Alparslan saves the life of Akça, a Turkmen girl who escaped from Byzantine persecution. Thus, the first steps of epic love are taken. On the other hand, Alparslan is unaware of the secrets Akça hides behind her beauty.

The Byzantine Emperor sends General Dukas and Captain Romanian Diogenes to Ani to solve the problems with the Turkmen. However, the mistake made by Yannis, son of Ani Tekfuru Kekavmenos, causes Sultan Tuğrul to decide on war.The 51st episode of Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu, directed by Sedat İnci and produced, scripted and designed by Emre Konuk, will be broadcast on TRT1 on Tuesday, April 10 at 08 P.M.

What happen in the end episode?

Leon wants to leave Solomon unchallenged on the throne by breaking the winner of the war at his weakest moment. Will Leon be able to achieve his goal, or will another issue cause him to change goals? The alp who came to Seferiye told Alparslan that a trap was being prepared. Will he be able to raise this information to Alparslan and save him from this trap before the trap is realized? Suleiman, on the other hand, was making preparations to strengthen his hand against the gentleman who was victorious in the field battle. Suleyman, who will use Süleymanşah and Mansur as trump cards against Kutalmış, who will he hold as a trump card against Alparslan?

Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu Episode 51 Trailer 

Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu Episode 51 Summary

The serie will be updated on April 10th. Thank you for coming back to visit us ....

The new 50th episode of Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu series will be on TRT 1 screens on Monday, March 28th at 8 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu

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