Episode 62 Yargı (The Judgement): Trailer And Summary

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The new 62nd episode trailer of Yargı (The Judgement) has been released! In the end episode; Ömer, who was detained as a result of Yekta's collaboration with Ceylin and Eren, finds himself in front of Özcan and Turgut Ali. So, what happen in the episode on April 30th?

The excitement continues in the Judgment series broadcast on Kanal D on Sunday evenings. There are important clues in the new episode trailer of the series, which will be published in the 61st episode this Sunday. Is Turgut Ali, the insidious power behind Omer, the Prosecutor General? What will Ilgaz and Ceylin do now?

Ilgaz is figuring out who Ömer's collaborator is! There are only a few weeks left until the grand finale in Kanal D's Ay Yapım signed Judgment series starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu. In the trailer released from the episode that will be screened on Sunday; While Ilgaz, who was acquitted, returns to his job, Ömer's release raises many question marks.

Returning to his profession, Ilgaz wants to retrieve the file he had before. However, this request is not welcomed. On the other hand, the crimes that Ömer has committed and the people he collaborated with are revealed. So who is behind Ömer? To whom and why Ilgaz said the sentence "You are the one I have been looking for from the beginning" arouses great curiosity about the course of the story.

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What happen in the end episode?

Ilgaz, especially Ceylin, was acquitted as a result of great self-sacrifice. However, those who falsely accuse Ilgaz will not stop. The enemy, whose games are broken now, has to deal with a stronger Ilgaz that they can no longer keep inside. Ömer, who was detained as a result of Yekta's collaboration with Ceylin and Eren, finds himself in front of Özcan and Turgut Ali. Now it's his turn to justify and defend himself. Yekta's change of front seems to have spoiled Ömer's whole game. However, as always, Ömer has another way out.

Although the young people's plan to catch the evidence on the way from Eyüp to Ömer was successful, Eyüp disappeared into secret. Young people therefore find themselves in great danger. Will he be able to get out of here again with his own efforts? Reuniting with Ceylin and her family, Ilgaz is waiting for a war in the courthouse. Now the biggest unanswered question remains: Who is the power or forces behind Ömer? Ilgaz will pursue this question at the cost of his life and will experience the greatest shock of his life in the face of the answer he finds.

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 62 Trailer 


Ilgaz and Ceylin are enjoying the romantic moments!

Ilgaz and Ceylin are overwhelmed by the bad events that have happened one after the other and want to seize the first opportunity that comes their way. Ceylin's wish to leave everything is also a good idea for Ilgaz. Ilgaz and Ceylin have romantic moments in nature.

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 62 Summary

Ilgaz's search is about to end at the point that will destroy his life; His fate is at the end of the gun barrel held by Turgut Ali, whom he sees as a keeper of justice. Before he is shot by bullets that will be the biggest betrayal he has ever seen in his life, he has completely different facts to learn about Turgut Ali. Ceylin takes action as soon as she hears that Parla is missing. However, the end of this road is tied to such a place that Eren and Ceylin find themselves struggling in a painful obscurity.

Ceylin, who received the bitter news of Ilgaz from Eren, almost dies. But at the same time, he is accused of something he did not do, with a secret he should have kept. Ilgaz's news destroys everyone; But Metin and Çınar's greater pain than anyone else drags them to a different test...

While Yekta is involved in the murder investigation by making an unexpected move, Ömer's plans, which are one step ahead of everyone else, are progressing successfully. While Ceylin is trying to cope with Ilgaz's pain, she has become numb like a leaf flying in the void and is about to break away from life. However, an information that will give him the strength to struggle to find the truth will come to him unexpectedly and will cause him to hold on to life to some extent.

The new 62nd episode of Yargı (The Judgement) series released on Sunday, April 30th at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Yargı (The Judgement)


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It will not be fair if Ilgaz would die at Yargi finale. I hope the writer will not kill him. It’s better to see Justice triumphs with Ilgaz and Jeylin together and start a family.
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I truly hope that Ilgaz dont die, it will be such a big disappointment may it have a happy ending for ilgaz and jaylene and may all the guilty culprits pay for their crimes and sins, please writers
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When that you released episode 62
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When they released episode 62