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Episode 7 Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah): Trailer And Summary

The new 7th episode trailer of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah) has been released. In the end episode; Thinking that she can no longer stay at Tahir's house and preparing to return home, Farah finds Tahir in front of her. What happen in the episode on April 13th?

Will Adim Farah, starring the popular actors of our country such as Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek, be released this week? Adım Farah 7th episode trailer has been published on our website in HD quality. The new episode of the "Adim Farah" series, which is watched with great excitement on FOX TV screens, will be with you on Wednesday, April 12, at 08 P.M.

In the end episode; Tahir has to race against time to save Farah. Farah may be saved by Tahir's efforts, but this adventure has also opened the door to a new problem that Tahir and Farah could not foresee. When Tahir pulls the trigger instead of Farah, it causes a very new problem between Ağa and Tahir. Has the kinship ended, has the animosity begun? Agha will make Tahir pay a heavy price for obeying his order. Farah has no one left to rely on to survive but Tahir. While Tahir is protecting Farah and Kerimşah, neither of them is aware that Kerimşah has told everything to Mehmet. 

episode 7 adim farah
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Farah and Tahir Confront! Adım Farah series is ready to come to the screen with its 7th episode. Adim Farah is making quite a splash on social media with its published episodes. Let's see if Adım Farah will be able to attract the audience to the screen with its new episode to be published. When Farah learns that Mehmet is talking to Kerimşah, she warns him to stay away from his son. Meanwhile, Mehmet; He will tell Farah the past of Tahir, whom he trusts, with evidence and ask him to make the right decision for himself. Here are 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Adım Farah ....

What happen in the end episode?

Tahir is disappointed when he learns that Farah is lying. Thinking that she can no longer stay at Tahir's house and preparing to return home, Farah finds Tahir in front of her. Although Tahir gives him another chance, Farah cannot give up on her own truth and their confrontation is inevitable. An unexpected surprise guest knocks on Farah's door, who has no choice but to testify, in order to solve all her problems. Farah is very impressed by Tahir's surprise offer. But meanwhile, Mehmet learns that Gönül's boyfriend is Kaan, and he sees nothing and arrests Kaan. The deal Mehmet will offer to Tahir will deflect all events in another direction.

Adım Farah Episode 7 Trailer 

" Let Me Be Kerimşah's Father ..."

Adım Farah Episode 7 Summary

Farah and Tahir fall into the fugitive situation without knowing the fate of Bekir. Tahir will hide his mother and son in a mountain house where no one can find him, at the cost of his own life. AGA thinks that Tahir gave the weapon that was the evidence when Kaan was arrested. Tahir is aware of this situation and is willing to accept his fate. While thinking of saving Farah and his son and sacrificing himself, he has one last wish; Spending a peaceful last day like a family… Will Farah understand what Tahir is hiding and what to do? Farah will share her past with someone for the first time. With Tahir Lekesiz.

Mehmet thinks that he has won the victory, that he has solved the murder. Thus, he not only caught the murderer, but also eliminated this danger that had come to his sister. But there is one thing he forgets: One way or another, the truth comes out. Did Kaan really commit the murder? Or is there another conspiracy behind it? The balances within the Akıncı family will change and shaken after Bekir's stabbing and Kaan's arrest. Bade will feel abandoned and betrayed. Ali Galip's threatening visit to Orhan will open the curtain of the past a little more. Do these two men have a common sin from the past? Nothing will ever be the same for Tahir, Farah or the Akıncılar family.

The first episode of the "Adim Farah" series, which will be watched with great admiration on TV screens, The 7th episode will be with you on April 12th. Read Also All Episode of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah)

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