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Episode 71 Teşkilat (The Agency): Trailer And Summary

The new 71th episode trailer of Teşkilat (The Agency) has been released! In the end episode; Halit President makes an offer to Efkar and Korkut and asks them to make a decision. What happen in the episode on April 9th.


The special moment of Zehra and Ömer was shown in the trailer of the 70th episode of Teşkilat, which took the audience on a journey to the past. In the new episode trailer of Teşkilat, which witnessed unforgettable moments, Ömer's marriage proposal to Zehra was revealed years ago.

It raises the excitement to the highest! made a fan. The memory of Zehra and Ömer was included in the trailer of the 70th episode of the Organization, which includes scenes that will leave a lasting impression in the memory of the audience. Many years ago, Ömer, who prepared a unique surprise for Zehra, knelt down with romantic words and made the marriage proposal enchanted by the audience.

episode 71 teskilat
Image Via @TRT1

In the new episode trailer of Teşkilat, Ömer said, "You are beautiful as always. I think we should meet one night just to talk about your beauty. Will you be the princess of my palace? Will you marry me?' words left a sweet smile on the faces of the audience. Another development in the trailer of the 70th episode of The Organization was that Siyah İnci captured the ring that Ömer gave to Zehra years ago. Ömer and Zehra experience the shock of their lives when they see that the ring, which has a completely different significance for them, is now in the hands of Siyah İnci.

Teşkilat, directed by Burak Arlıel, produced by Burak Sağyaşar and Timur Savcı, and scripted by the Teşkilat Scenario Team, is preparing to meet its fans on TRT1 on Sunday, April 9 at 08 P.M with its the new episode. Here are 71st episode trailer and episode summary of Teşkilat .... 

What happen in the end episode?

Seeing that Efkar is alive, Korkut experiences a great shock. The grief of Sacide, who is unaware that Hasan Atmaca is alive, shatters her heart. Halit President makes an offer to Efkar and Korkut and asks them to make a decision. This difficult decision will bring Efkar to the brink of separating him from his family again. The traces of the past slowly come to light on the front of Ömer and Zehra, with Siyah İnci handling the affairs. While Zehra is digging through her past memories with Ömer, Ömer's withdrawal complicates the situation. Sooner or later the truth will come out and nothing will ever be the same.

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 71 Trailer 

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 71 Summary  

Ömer and Zehra face the enemy who made them this way. Zehra learns that all the answers she is looking for are in Black Pearl. The truth that Ömer hid from Zehra is close to being revealed. While Sacide's grief continues, Efkar and Korkut's first job in intelligence will lead them to an intersection. Hartley comes up with his big trump card to accelerate his plans. Learning the source of the threat, the team lands on the field for an impossible mission. Zehra's confrontation with the answers she seeks will now reveal the hidden secret between her and Ömer...

The new 71th episode of TRT 1's new series, Teşkilat (The Agency), aired on Sunday, April 9th. Read Also All Episode of Teşkilat (The Agency)

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