Episode 75 Camdaki Kız (The Girl In The Glass): Trailer and Summary

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Watch the new 75th episode trailer of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) in full! In the end episode; Türkan's confession causes more tension between Nalan and Hayri. What happen in the episode on April 20th?

Camdaki Kız, which has been on Kanal D for three seasons, appeared in front of the audience with its 75th episode this week. Nalan learned the truth in this week's episode of the OGM Pictures series Camdaki Kız, which has become indispensable on Thursday evenings. Let's see what else awaits Nalan, who tells Hayri about her disappointment with the words 'It's a complete fiasco'... Will Hayri give up on Nalan? Details are in the highly anticipated trailer of Camdaki Kız!

The Koroğlu mansion, which attracts attention in the series "Camdaki Kız", which was shot in Istanbul, is located in the Cihangir neighborhood of Beyoğlu. The historical Sadik Pasha Mansion was built in 1850. Esra Umur mansion, which was inherited from Nalan's family, is located in the Kanlıca district of Beykoz.

Nalan learns about Hayri's family. In the end episode of Camdaki Kız series: Nalan learns about Hayri's family, which she hid from everyone! Disappointed, what will Nalan do now? Learning very painfully that Hayri is married and has two children, Nalan is devastated by this fact that Hayri has been hiding for a long time. Hayri's only regret about this issue is that she did not tell Nalan about the issue before. Moreover, he has no intention of giving up on Nalan.

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Muzo, who is with Nalan when she needs him most, as always, supports her in difficult times. Meanwhile, the biggest support for Sedat, who is looking for ways to forget Nalan, comes from Uncle Cavit. Sedat, who started therapy with the support of Cavit, is preparing for change... Trying to change his life with a completely different perspective, Sedat wants to prove this change to the Koroğlu family, especially Nalan.

Nalan's test with Hayri begins! Turkan and Nalan come face to face...

Sedat's goal is to change and win back Nalan. So, what will Nalan do now? Destroyed by the blow she received, Nalan is attending the celebration with her family in the mansion again. Nalan, who asks Hayri to account, confronts Hayri by expressing her anger for every lie spoken. He leaves Hayri without looking back. Hayri, on the other hand, believes that Nalan will forgive him as he forgives Sedat. Deciding to divorce Türkan, she tries to turn Nalan back to herself.

What happen in the end episode?

Hayri is determined to divorce Türkan... Türkan's confession causes more tension between Nalan and Hayri. Although Nalan still loves Hayri, she tries to stay away from him, but when Türkan calls Nalan and asks for help, it will make things difficult. Billur and Muzo continue to cooperate to prevent Nalan from returning to Hayri. Sedat manages to take a new step for himself. Hayri is determined to divorce Türkan, but when she comes home with the divorce papers, she encounters a surprise.

Camdaki Kız  Episode 75 Trailer


Camdaki Kız  Episode 75 Summary

Hayri's departure from Nalan house disappoints both Billur and Muzo. Hayri, on the other hand, continues the pressure to divorce Türkan. Learning that Gülcihan is in the hospital, Nalan dies in the hospital and when Hayri finds out about this, she does not hesitate to follow him. Sedat suspects that someone is after Nalan. Gulcihan's situation devastates Rafet. Hayri goes to Nalan's door to give the news of the divorce. Hayri is not the only person who seeks help from Nalan.

Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) 75th episode on Kanal D on Thursday, April 20th, 2023 at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Glass)

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