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Episode 9 Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah): Trailer And Summary

The new 9th episode trailer of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah) has been released. In the end episode; When Tahir realizes that this task has been given to Tahir, he becomes enraged and goes to hold Tahir to account with great anger. What happen in the episode on April 26th?

The ambitious production of FOX TV screens, Adım Farah, appeared before the audience with its 7th episode on Wednesday, April 12. Adapted from the Argentine production 'La Chica que Limpia', the series stars popular actors such as Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek. Every episode of the O3 Medya signed series is on the social media agenda. The new episode of the "Adim Farah" series, which will be released next week, is eagerly awaited by the audience.

The series "Adim Farah" met with the audience on FOX TV screens with its 9th episode on Wednesday, April 26, this week. In the end episode of Adım Farah; Farah, who defends herself against Bekir's attack, is very afraid. Thinking that Bekir is dead, Farah and Tahir are running away.

episode 9 adim farah
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Will Tahir protect Farah and Kerimşah? Tahir risks his life to protect Farah and Kerimşah. He places Farah and his son in a chalet where no one can find them. 

Who gave the gun that caused Kaan's arrest? Aga thinks that Tahir gave the gun that was presented as evidence in Kaan's arrest. Tahir, on the other hand, does nothing to protect himself in this regard.

Tahir is ready to sacrifice himself for Farah and his son! Tahir is preparing to sacrifice himself to save Farah and his son. Tahir Lekesiz has only one dream! Spending a peaceful last day with Farah and Kerimşah, even if it's just for one day...

Farah shares her past and the facts she hides with Tahir. Sharing the deepest secrets of her life with someone for the first time, will Farah understand what Tahir is hiding?

Mehmet thinks he has won. He thinks he solved the murder and protected his sister from Kaan. However, he does not take into account that the Akıncı Family will reveal the truth. Did Kaan commit the murder or is this a conspiracy?

Akıncı Family is deeply shaken! Kaan's arrest and Bekir's stabbing shatters the Akıncı Family. Meanwhile, Bade also falls into mixed feelings, feeling derelict and betrayed.

Ali Galip threatens Orhan. Ali Galip's threatening visit to Orhan causes the past notebooks to be reopened. The past of these two men will change everything for everyone. Nothing will be the same for Tahir, Farah and even the Akıncı family...

What happen in the end episode?

The order given by Ali Galip to kill Mehmet's chief commissioner is a difficult task for Tahir to accept. On the other hand, getting rid of Mehmet will be the key to starting a new life for Tahir. While Tahir is struggling with this dilemma, Farah is struggling with a completely different feeling. He realizes that he is starting to fall for Tahir.

Gönül and Perihan set out to be with Farah, not knowing who the address belongs to. And they face the biggest surprise of their lives. While many secrets were revealed that day, an armed raid took place at the moment of signing and the marriage did not take place. Although Tahir and Farah cannot get married, this wedding adventure will bring them closer.

Meanwhile, Tahir has moved away from the idea of killing Mehmet, but when Mehmet learns from Bade that he will be assassinated, when he realizes that this task has been given to Tahir, he becomes enraged and goes to hold Tahir to account with great anger. However, the fact that neither of them knows is that this event that brought them face to face is actually the result of another story that tied their fates long ago...

Adım Farah Episode 9 Trailer 

Adım Farah Episode 9 Summary

Tahir is walking the path of being a family with Farah. Now is the right time to express your feelings. 'Declare for love.' A surprise to Farah will shock Farah as well. Farah will have to make a decision now. Maybe it's time to face up to being both a mother and a woman. Although they are not aware of Mehmet and Tahir's journey, it will not be the same as before. Can two brothers be hostile to each other? Can they stay the same if they know they are siblings?

While Tahir is trying to clean up his life, Mehmet won't let him raise his head. Because now it's personal. As you dig into Tahir's past, a truth that Farah does not know will come to light. What is the reason for this child to bite life like this? What happened to him in his youth? How will Farah feel when she faces this?

Tahir will have one last word to say to Mehmet. This is a very painful word. It will break all of Mehmet's memorization and upset his balance. The radical decision of Kaan and Gönül with their lives will deeply affect both families. Akıncılar and Koşanerler are destined to come together again after many years. So, is it our past that makes us who we are, or is it our present? Tahir and Farah will be tested by answering this question.

The first episode of the "Adim Farah" series, which will be watched with great admiration on FOX TV screens, The 9th episode will be with you on April 26th. Read Also All Episode of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah)

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