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Episode 1 Terzi (The Tailor) Netflix Series: Trailer And Summary

What is the tailor's subject, who are the actors, is it a true story, from which book is it adapted? Netflix's new Turkish Series Tailor cast and its story?

The new Turkish-made series of Netflix, the digital broadcasting platform Terzi, is getting ready to meet its audience. It is wondered whether there is a plot, cast and adaptation of the series starring Çağatay Ulusoy. The story of the series, in which Cem Karcı sat in the director's chair, begins with the entry of Esvet, the fiancee of his best friend Dimitri, into the life of Peyami, a successful tailor. The highly anticipated production will be released on May 2. Well, what is the subject of the Terzi series, who is in the cast, where was it filmed? Here are the Netflix series Tailor actors, their plot and filming locations…

Terzi (The Tailor) series, whose script was written by Rana Mamatlıoğlu and Bekir Baran Sıtkı, is expected to last for several seasons. Who are the actors of the Netflix series Terzi with Çağatay Ulusoy, what is the plot story? Is the story true or is it an adaptation?

episode 1 terzi
Image Via @Netflix Turkiye

Terzi Plot Story: A love that brings two friends face to face, secrets waiting to be revealed... Tailor tells the story of Peyami, a young and successful tailor who inherited his talent from his grandfather. Having to take care of his mentally unstable father, Mustafa, whom he kept a secret from everyone after his grandfather's death, Peyami is forced to place his biggest secret at the very center of his life in Istanbul. Esvet, who is running away from an abused relationship at the cost of her life, enters the lives of Peyami and Mustafa with her own secrets. Will love prevail against the friendship between Peyami and Dimitri?

Terzi, which will be released only on Netflix at the same time as the whole world on May 2, will reveal the secrets hidden in the depths of the past; It is preparing to introduce a story that will make the viewers question concepts such as love, family and friendship. 

In the series, which opens a new curtain of mystery with each episode, the long-standing friendship of Peyami and his best friend Dimitri, who buried his past in the deepest part of his life, is tested with a love affair. In his life that he has built from scratch, Peyami is left alone with all the responsibility of his father Mustafa, whom he kept as a secret after his grandfather's death, and he goes after the secrets that have permeated the roots of his family.

Terzi Episode 1 Trailer

Terzi series, which is preparing to bring together a story that will make the viewers question concepts such as love, family and friendship, was shot in Istanbul with Kırklareli. The cast of Terzi are:

Çağatay Ulusoy play as Peyami

Şifanur Gül play as Esvet

Olgun Şimşek play as Mustafa

Salih Bademci play as Dimitri

Berrak Tüzünataç play as Cemre

Ece Sükan play as Suzi

Engin Şenkan

Evrim Alasya

Zeynep Tarhan

Murat Kılıç

Celile Toyon

Vedat Erinci

Lila Gürmen

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