Episode 10 Kraliçe (The Queen): Trailer And Summary

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The new 10th episode trailer of Kraliçe (The Queen) has been released! In the end episode; Deniz's doubts about whether there is something between Gaye and Ateş are increasing day by day. So what happen in the episode on May 24th. 

The popular TV series, Kraliçe, has been followed with interest since the first day it was broadcast. Gokhan Alkan, Selin Şekerci and Burcu Özberk are the leading roles in the series, which fascinates the audience with every episode. The series comes to the screens with new episodes every Wednesday. The new episode trailer of the series, which is among the most successful productions of recent times, has been released. Here is Kraliçe 10th episode trailer and theepisode summary..

Kanal D's Mednona series, Kraliçe, will air on Wednesday, May 24 at 08 P.Mwith its new episode. The new episode trailer of the series, which has gained a wide fan base with its strong subject and successful cast, will be released this week. Let's look at the 10th episode trailer and the episode summary of Kraliçe series together...

In the end episode of Kraliçe series; It is very beneficial for Gaye to concentrate on Deniz's work and stay away from Ateş. Zeynep can no longer hide the information she learned about Aslan, she decides to share it with Deniz and Aslan. Ateş, who goes to Ankara for the away match, experiences an unexpected event during the match. This leaves everyone's mouth open.

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In the new episode of Kraliçe series, Deniz suspects Ateş and follows him to Gaye's house. After Ateş enters the house, Deniz enters the house. Narin, on the other hand, traps Deniz and Zeynep and demands a part of the farm. But Zeynep cannot control her nerves and attacks Narin. Deniz, who is trying to solve the relationship between Gaye and Ateş, leaves the house and decides to divorce after what she learns. Here are 10th episode trailer and episode summary of Kraliçe ....

What happen in the end episode?

Deniz's doubts about whether there is something between Gaye and Ateş are increasing day by day. On the other hand, Ateş is trying to cope with the turmoil in his career. While Deniz and Zeynep are looking for a way to remove Narin from their lives, Selim's efforts to distance Zeynep from himself bring them closer. Deniz is shaken by an unexpected information. While the pieces of the puzzle are being completed, will Deniz be able to reach the truth?

Kraliçe Episode 10 Trailer

"Deniz Knows Everything .....!"

Kraliçe Episode 10 Summary

Deniz has faced all the facts. This time everything will be different. He tells Mahir that he wants a divorce; but that's not enough to quell the anger inside him. He will disgrace Ateş and Gaye. Unaware that Deniz has learned everything, Ateş gets an offer from a big club in Istanbul. 

Everything is going as planned in the end. Ali, who kidnapped his son Aslan in order not to give him to Narin, will hide with Aslan in a place that no one will think of. As Selim finally takes a step towards Zeynep, Zeynep gets confused. While Deniz is carrying out his plan perfectly, Ateş begins to suspect Deniz's behavior. Will Deniz be able to take his revenge?

"Kraliçe (The Queen)", starring Gökhan Alkan and Burcu Özberk with Cevdet Mercan in the director's chair, is on Kanal D on Wednesday, May 24th at 08 P.M with the 10th episode. Read Also All Episode of Kraliçe (The Queen).

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