Episode 78 Camdaki Kız (The Girl In The Glass): Trailer and Summary

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Watch the new 78th episode trailer of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) in full! In the end episode; When Türkan comes to Nalan with the girls, Nalan cannot refuse her and she likes Türkan's affection and sets out to teach Türkan how to read and write. What happen in the episode on May 11th?

Adapted from a real life story, the series "Camdaki Kız", which met the audience on Kanal D screens, appeared in front of the audience with its 76th episode this week. The mansion scenes of the successful production "Camdaki Kız" by OGM Pictures are shot in Istanbul's precious historical buildings. Nadim Power sits in the director's chair of the series. The script of the series is written by Seda Altaylı Turgutlu and Yeşim Aslan. Let's take a look at the highly anticipated trailer of the Girl in the Glass series, which turned the ratings upside down with every episode!

The TV series "Camdaki Kız", which has become an indispensable part of Thursday evenings on Kanal D screens, was adapted to television screens from the novel of the same name by psychologist and writer Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu. Although the remarkable story of the series is adapted from a real life story, the real characters of the series are not disclosed due to ethical rules.

episode 78 camdaki kiz
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In the end episode; The encounter between Hayri and Metin reveals the truth. Metin, who encounters Hayri in front of Nalan's door, is cornered and admits that he is Nalan's father. Nalan finds out who her real father is! When Hayri presses Metin, the truths come to Nalan as well. Nalan comes face to face with this truth that has been hidden from her all her life. Sedat comes to visit Nalan's house. This visit causes tension and arguments between Nalan and Hayri. Hayri puts pressure on Nalan. Hayri increases the pressure on Nalan with the visit of Sedat. She does not allow him to see anyone other than himself. Hayri's increasing pressure is starting to bother Nalan. Hayri's love turns into a growing obsession.

Will Nalan get away from Hayri? Will the increasing pressure and Hayri's obsessive attitudes drive Nalan away from him? Nalan is once again faced with the pressure she wanted to get rid of for years. The truths hidden from Selen are revealed. Gülcihan's time is running out, while Selen learns the truth by chance. Selen may lose her babies! Learning that her mother's condition is critical, Selen faints. Having a difficult pregnancy process, Selen is at risk of losing her twin babies.

Hafize learns that Hayri has come home! Nalan tells her feelings to Hafize, who learned that Hayri came home the night she was not at home. Nalan, who admits that she cannot break up with Hayri, worries Hafize. Hafize tells Nalan that she does not trust Hayri openly. Billur is getting away from Nalan! Muzo and Billur are greatly disappointed and enraged when Nalan does not leave Hayri. While Billur moves away from Nalan, Muzo continues to help Nalan find her own way. Sedat cannot forget Nalan and is uncomfortable with having someone in his life. Deciding to find out who Nalan was in his life, Sedat finally learns the truth...

What happen in the end episode?

Metin's confession of paternity shocks Nalan and moves away from Metin. He doesn't want to see Hayri or anyone else. On the other hand, when Türkan comes to Nalan with the girls, Nalan cannot refuse her and she likes Türkan's affection and sets out to teach Türkan how to read and write. Muzo has to admit to Sedat that Nalan is with Hayri, but he gets an unexpected reaction from Sedat. Billur and Muzo make an important decision. Sedat deeply feels the absence of Nalan at the dinner eaten together at Koroğlu Mansion. Gülcihan, on the other hand, says goodbye to everyone individually. While Sedat is waiting in front of Nalan's house, an unexpected development takes place in the mansion.

Camdaki Kız  Episode 78 Trailer 

" They Call Me Laz Girl .....!"


Nalan shocks Hayri by saying that she will not marry! Nalan is now clear in her thoughts about Hayri. She makes the statement that stunned Hayri by taking her in front of her. Learning that Nalan does not want to marry him, Hayri walks away angrily. The person who supports Nalan in this process is Muzo. Gülcihan realizes that the time has come. He organizes a dinner as if saying goodbye to everyone. Later, Rafet finds Gülcihan lying motionless in her bed.

Camdaki Kız  Episode 78 Summary

Hayri Laz meets his Daughter! Time has passed since Gülcihan's death. Muzo and Billur were married to Döndü and İsmail. Both Muzo and Billur are very happy. Nalan is still with Hayri. With the effect of therapy, Sedat seems much more confident and he runs the entire company. Hayri became the partner of the kebab shop where he worked. The dominant party in his relationship with Nalan is Hayri. Hayri has taken the place of Feride and interferes with all of Nalan's decisions. Nalan, on the other hand, did not withhold her support from Türkan and the girls. Then one day, a "Laz Girl" comes to Hayri's kebab shop.

Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) 78th episode on Kanal D on Thursday, May 11st, 2023 at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Glass)

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