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Episode 8 Kraliçe (The Queen): Trailer And Summary

The new 8th episode trailer of Kraliçe (The Queen) has been released! In the end episode; Deniz, on the other hand, does not know what happened between Gaye and Deniz. So what happen in the episode on May 10th. 

The Mednova signed series of Kanal D screens, Kraliçe, reached a large audience with a few more episodes. Burcu Özberk, Gökhan Alkan and Selin Şekerci also draws attention with the subject of the series in which they share the leading roles. The new episode trailer of the series, which comes to the screens every Wednesday, has been released. 

Kraliçe, the phenomenon series of screens directed by Cevdet Mercan, fascinates everyone with every episode. The new episode trailer of the series, which comes to the screens every Wednesday, has been released. Let's look at the 8th episode trailer of Kraliçe series and what happened in the end episode  In the end episode of the series; Deniz gives Ateş another chance and continues their marriage from where they left off. Deniz has to deal with farm related problems from now on.

kralice episode 8
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Everything turns upside down when the relationship that Zeynep has hidden from everyone is revealed and Ali gets into trouble by attacking Engin Commissioner. While confronting Zeynep, Ali and Deniz find themselves in a trap with their answer to Gaye's offer. What he learns about Ateş's past puts him on an irreversible path. Engin, who sees Selim and Zeynep on the road in the new episode of the series, says unspeakable words. After these words, Selim attacks Engin.

As the unrest between Ateş and Deniz reoccurs, Gaye makes a plan for further deterioration. While Gaye's plan is working smoothly, Ateş goes to his house to spend time with Efe. However, when Deniz calls Ateş, Gaye will pick up the phone. Here are Kraliçe 8th episode trailer and episode summary...

What happen in the end episode?

The relationship between the sea and the fire comes to the breaking point again. Tired of Deniz's attitude, Ateş takes his breath with Gaye. Deniz, on the other hand, does not know what happened between Gaye and Deniz. While Gaye makes a brand new plan to end the marriage of Ateş and Deniz, the agenda is completely different at the farm. Zeynep is torn between Selim and Engin while questioning Aslan's blood tests. Deniz, on the other hand, will find herself in a new trap while planning to be with Ateş at the launch.

Kraliçe Episode 8 Trailer 

"Is Aslan Ali's Child ....?"

Kraliçe Episode 8 Summary

Due to the intensity of his naval work, he has neglected Ateş a lot and this is exactly what Gaye wants. Zeynep conveys the terrible truth about Aslan to Deniz, and while the two brothers try to decide what to do, in the away match in Ankara, events that Ateş never expected will happen...

"Kraliçe (The Queen)", starring Gökhan Alkan and Burcu Özberk with Cevdet Mercan in the director's chair, is on Kanal D on Wednesday, May 3rd at 08 P.M with the 8th episode. Read Also All Episode of Kraliçe (The Queen).

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