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SHOW TV's series Aile (The Family), which brings Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ together, came to the screen with its 10th episode last night. For those who missed the new episode of the drama series adapted by Hakan Bonomo from The Sopranos series, which appeared before the audience under the signature of Ay Yapım and who want to watch it again; Family last episode one piece full viewing screen...

Aile in the final episode; The sudden arrival of İlyas puts Soykanlar in great danger. Meanwhile, İlyas takes action to find out why his son suddenly disappeared. There is little time left for the truth to come to light. Aslan, who wants to protect his family from the wrath of İlyas, gives his biggest battle not to turn into his father. Hülya, who thinks that something is wrong with the lawyer, will use her own way to solve this problem.

Devin's mother was officially kicked out by her father. Neşe, whose house was taken from her, goes to the farm with her daughter for a while. Devin, on the other hand, will solve this matter according to Soykan rules and ask his father to account. Leyla's announcement of her decision to divorce causes a great shock in the whole family. Although Cihan thinks that he will not lose anything until now, Aysel's pregnancy deals him a big blow.

Following the clues about his son's death, İlyas is advancing step by step to the path he wants to reach. Hülya's dominance over the family is disappearing day by day. She plans to teach Devin a big lesson. There is no one who can stop Aslan, who learns what Ati thinks for Ceylan.

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What Happened in the Previous Episode?

Serhat's death is the beginning of a great war for the Soykans. Serhat's lawyer, Suat, learns all that happened and threatens to tell everything to İlyas. While Aslan continues to cooperate with Cihan to solve this problem; The two brothers go after Suat. However, when they find it, they will encounter a surprise that will change all their plans.

On the other hand, Hülya, who learns that Serhat is dead, has to cooperate with İbo again to protect the family. Differences of opinion on this issue will bring Aslan and Hülya face to face. Despite all this, while returning to the farm with Devin and Yağmur for the safety of the Aslan family; Hülya's dominance over the family continues to be shaken. The struggle between Hülya and Devin is now much bigger.

Devin questions whether he had a share in Serhat's death; İlyas Koruzade confronts the truth. When he realizes that İlyas is a great danger for Aslan and Yağmur, he starts to worry. Devin's attempt to find an outlet causes irreversible changes in his soul; For the first time, he thinks like a Soykan and gives an idea that will affect Aslan's plan.

Aslan, who has been struggling not to become his father for five years; Attorney Suat looks for a way to get rid of the threat without getting his hands dirty. On the other hand, Soykans gather together for Kaya's circumcision wedding. However, with an unexpected guest who came to the wedding, Devin is now entering the circle of Soykan, which he has not entered until now; The Soykans will come face to face with the danger of İlyas Koruzade. Read Also All Episode of Aile (The Family)

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