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Kraliçe (The Queen) Episode 11 Has Changed!

Kraliçe Episode 11 which scheduled on May 31st not showing? So, has Kraliçe Episode 11 Trailer been released? Watch Kraliçe Episode 11 Trailer 'Deniz Has Learned Everything! Now she seeks revenge ....

The beloved series "Kraliçe (The Queen)" 11th Episode Trailer of Kanal D screens was the subject of curiosity by the audience. Viewers have started to research when the 11th episode of the series will be released. Flash events are happening in the last episode trailer of the series. Things do not stop between Deniz and Ates. 

After the last episode of the popular series of Kanal D screens, Kraliçe, the 11th episode trailer was a matter of curiosity by the audience. The audience started to search the search engines in the form of watching the 11th episode of Queen live. Shocking events occur in the trailer of the 11th episode. After Deniz learns all the facts about Ateş, Deniz starts a revenge plan against Ateş. So, has the Queen Episode 11 Trailer been released? Here are the detail ....

episode 11 Kraliçe
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What happen in the end episode?

In the announcement made by Kanal D, it was stated that the Queen series will be on the screen for the last time with the 11th episode. In the end episode; Deniz takes action after deciding to divorce. Deniz, who first met with Mahir, paves the way for Ates to take whatever he has. Afterwards, he enjoys putting the last point on the night they attend with Ateş. 

The popular series of Kanal D screens, Kraliçe, is making its finale.

Kanal D has made its decision! Kraliçe series is making its finale... The date of the last episode has also been announced. While there are only a few days left for the summer season, the final news continues to come one after another. Kanal D has decided to end 'Kraliçe' series, which received low ratings since its first episode. The plan to stay on the screen until the end of the season for the Mednova signed series was abandoned.

Will Kraliçe Series continues to Season 2? 

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the series, starring Burcu Özberk, Gökhan Alkan, Selin Şekerci and Özgün Karaman, will make the final in the 11th episode. In the new season, Kanal D will bring its audience together with its new projects Yargı', 'Üç Kız Kardeş' and 'Arka Sokaklar'  as well as 'Dilektaşı' and other new projects. Among the summer projects such as 'Dönence' and 'Sosyete Doktoru', popular TV series will also remain on the screen.

Kraliçe is a Turkish drama TV series directed by Cevdet Mercan and Serhan Şahin, the first episode of which was broadcast on Kanal D screens on March 22, 2023, signed by Mednova. Famous actors such as Burcu Özberk, Gökhan Alkan, Selin Şekerci and Özgün Karaman share the leading roles.

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  1. Why in heaven's name did they terminate this series. Already It was heating up with the discovery of Deniz about Ates' illigitimate child. I was looking forward to seeing Gokhan Alkan again on the screen but the producers of this series killed off this opportunity. He is a terrific actor. How can one end a series when it just started? How will they explain the short-lived 11th episode? I guess the events on this episode will be crammed into one-hour and without any resolution to the story. I think the powers that be of this production made a bad decision by killing off this series. The actors are excellent although I would have wished that there would be more concentration on the Deniz and Ates story rather than those of Deniz's siblings.