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Veda Mektubu Episode 10 Release Date Has Been Changed!

Will Veda Mektubu be published on May 1? Is Veda Mektubu removed from the publication? When is the new 10th episode released? What happen in the end episode?

It was a matter of curiosity when the new 10th episode of Veda Mektubu, one of the newest series of Kanal D, will be broadcast. Will Veda Mektubu be published on May 1? Has Veda Mektubu been removed from the air, when is the new 10th episode? So, will Veda Mektubu be published on May 1st? Here are the detail ....

The fact that the new episode trailer of Veda Mektubu, the TV series of Kanal D, which was brought to the screen with great hopes but could not reach the desired rating rates, was not published, caused the audience to worry. It was the subject of research when the new episode of the series, which is broadcast every Monday at 08 P.M, will be published.

The 10th episode trailer of Veda Mektubu series, broadcast by Kanal D on Monday evenings, has not been published. For this reason, it is thought that the new episode of the series will not be broadcast. The lack of sharing about the 10th episode of the series caused fear. The episode that should be broadcast this week coincides with the official holiday of May 1. Whether the series will be broadcast on May 1 will be determined after Kanal D's announcement of the broadcast stream.

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What happen in the end episode?

The gold crisis between Aslı and Mehmet caused a serious trust problem. While the two were trying to overcome this, an unexpected development changed Aslı's outlook on life. Asli was again in a difficult dilemma and considered not listening to her mother. While Asli was trying to experience the shock of this great news, the situation became more difficult than ever with the interventions of Alanur and Seher. This new news has once again turned all the balances in this relationship and family upside down.

The Farewell Letter series, which includes names such as Rabia Soytürk, Emre Kıvılcım, Selim Bayraktar, Nurgül Yeşilçay, Bennu Yıldırımlar, Elif Çakman and Elif Ulusoy, meets with the audience on Kanal D screens every Monday at 20.00. The series, which is produced by Most production, tells the struggle of Alanur, who is on her own feet and fascinated by her talent, so that her daughter does not live her own destiny.

Why Is There Veda Mektubu on May 1st?

The Farewell Letter series, starring Rabia Soytürk and Emre Kıvılcım, will not meet with its audience on Monday, May 1, 2023. It is thought that the series, whose shooting was directed by Most production, will not be published due to the Labor Day. The broadcast day of the series, which is not at the desired level, is also expected to be changed.

When is Veda Mektubu New Episode?

Veda Mektubu series, which is expected to be broadcast on Monday, May 1 with its 10th episode, will continue from where it left off on Monday, May 8, 2023. Why isn't the TV series "Veda Mektubu" on May 1? wondered the question. It is thought to be an event like both Labor Day and President Special Broadcast on the day of the series.

What Is The Synopsis of Veda Mektubu?

Veda Mektubu series is based on a true story. In the series, the story of Alanur, a modern and indestructible business woman, and Ziya, a businessman from Antakya, who adheres to the traditions and customs, are handled. Alanur and Ziya, who were thrown into different lives, leaving behind the love they had in the past, will meet again years later. This time, the reasons for meeting will shock everyone because their children Aslı and Mehmet are madly in love with each other. Read Also All Episode of Veda Mektubu (The Farewell Letter)

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  1. Kanal D should close. They keep ending promising series right in the middle. They are really bad for Turkish series. A company that is not well managed.