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Yasak Elma Season 7 Release Date Has Been Announced!

Farewell to the upcoming Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series! The lead is going. There will be another farewell in the series broadcast on FOX TV screens. The leading role has already been announced.

In the statements made in 2022, it was said that the Forbidden Apple series will also take place in the 7th season. However, a new meeting was held between the production company and the channel. After this meeting, the 7th season approval of the Forbidden Apple series was cancelled. The Forbidden Apple will bid farewell to the screens by making the final in a short while.

According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş; Yasak Elma series succeeded in making its mark as a very special project in the history of television series. Produced by the veteran producer Fatih Aksoy, who has gathered the audience for six seasons, the series will make its finale after 8 episodes. In "Yasak Elma", written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür, there will be intrigue after another. Weeks before the final, it is a matter of curiosity who will die and who will stay...

It was on the agenda that the Handan of the series, Şebnem Dönmez, would leave the project before the final, but according to the information leaked from the backstage, the name that will leave the series with plenty of surprises, where anything can happen at any moment, will be Emre Kızılırmak, who gave life to Selim Avcıoğlu.

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Yasak Elma Season 7 (2023-2024) Release Date

In this topic, When will Yasak Elma Season 7 release date? We will answer the question. The series decided to continue in the 7th season. After quite high ratings, the producer decided that the Forbidden Apple series would continue in 2023-24. Yasak Elma Season 7 start date will be September 2023.

Season 7 of Yasak Elma series, which started its preparations again after the epidemic, will start on Fox TV in September 2023, if there is no major setback. The series will also transfer new players during the summer months. You can take a look at the information of new players joining the Forbidden Apple in our New Arrivals Players section of the Forbidden Apple series. With the start of the new season, another surprise name will be waiting for you with Gökhan Alkan.

You know, it's a little difficult to say for sure when giving information about the series. The latest epidemic Covid19 contagious disease has shown us that our tomorrow is not guaranteed. Therefore, no one can predict what tomorrow will bring. However, we can give information about the start date of the Forbidden Apple series in previous years, although there is no definite information, but we can give an estimate. According to our predictions, the start date of the Forbidden Apple season 7 will be September 2023, possibly on Monday, September 10, 2023. Because the series started on similar dates in previous years.

As we mentioned above, the exact start date of the series is determined by the release of the new season promotional trailer. There were questions such as whether the season finale would be shot after the coronavirus. As you know, the month of Ramadan started after the epidemic. Even if the series want to shoot the season finale after the holiday, it seems difficult. Because things didn't get better. It seems that the Forbidden Apple 2023-2024 Season will start on September 10th. What can we say, all the best.

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  2. goood if this news is real

  3. i am very excited for season 7

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