Aldatmak (Deception) Season 2 Release Date Has Been Announced!

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Aldatmak (Deception) Season 1 Final Up To Episode 33. When is the new episode in the new 2nd season? Season 2 Release Date of Aldatmak Series Has Been Announced!

Has the 34th episode trailer of the Deception series been released? What will happen in the new episode of Aldatmak, which will be broadcast on ATV screens on Thursday, June 8? When is Aldatmak season finale?

The 33rd episode of ATV's popular TV series, Aldatmak, received full marks from the fans. With the final scene of the series, the excitement of the new episode engulfed the fans. The audience is curious about the 34th new episode of Aldatmak. Those who are curious about the new episode are looking for the new trailer. So, has the 34th new episode trailer of Aldatmak released? When is the season finale of Aldatmak series? Will the series of Aldatmak be in the new season?

What will happen in the new episode of the series, which will feature popular actors such as Vahide Perçin and Mustafa Uğurlu, to be published tonight? The final episode of Aldatmak series, which is watched with great admiration on ATV screens, will be with you on Thursday, June 8th at 20.00.

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Aldatmak Season 2 (Episode 34) Release Date

The 34th new episode trailer of the series "Aldatmak", which is watched with admiration on ATV screens, has not been published yet. There are 4 separations before the season finale in the series "Aldatmak" The audience went crazy ATV's phenomenon series Aldatmak make its season finale on June 8th with its 34th episode. The series also bought the new season ticket, and the new episodes of Aldatmak are on ATV in September.

Aldatmak Episode Final Summary

The game planned by the family for Oylum's future has unexpected results. Protected and owned by her mother under all circumstances, Oylum finds herself on the verge of the most important decision of her life. Tarık takes advantage of his daughter's situation and tries to be closer to Güzide and her family. Although Tarık's presence around Güzide bothers Sezai, he tries to understand the situation.

Ozan, who lost his love due to his family circumstances, does not give up on Zeliş no matter what. Although Zeliş still loves Ozan, she is determined to stay away from him. Tolga, who has taken a big step towards the future with Selin, realizes the seriousness of the situation, but does not dare to admit the truth, because the number of people he is afraid to hurt is increasing. Read Also Alll Episode of Aldatmak (Deception)


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Can't wait for the season #2.
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Can't wait for the season #2!