Final 19th Episode of Al Sancak (The Hunter): Trailer And Summary

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The final 19th episode trailer of Al Sancak (The Hunter) has been released. In the final episode; How will Nadia reach Elizabeth, who is protected among the dozens of members of the Octopus?

“Al Sancak” is broadcast every Thursday at 20:00 on TRT 1. The last 19th episode of the series has been aired. The 20th episode trailer will be added to our article as soon as it is published. So what happened in the last episode? What will happen in the new episode? Who are the actors of the Al Sancak series? Here are the details...

Big operation from Claw Team! In the end episode; With a sudden intelligence, Claw Team goes to a big operation with the support of Atmaca Team. Octopus is after a great chaos that has gathered all the organizations around it. Will Claw and Hawk Squads be able to prevent Octopus' great action?

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Sacit and Nadia confront each other. While father and daughter are quenching their longing together, Nadia leaves Sacit for a very difficult operation to kill Elizabeth. What kind of mind did Nadia make to Elizabeth, who was protected among the dozens of members of the Octopus?

Will you reach by making the game? Gülseren gets out of prison, quenches her longing with her daughter Nadia Gülseren gets out of prison and meets with Nadia. Mother daughter longing for it. However, this meeting did not last long. Nadia makes a final breakthrough and goes to Octopus' base. Will Nadia, who operates alone, be successful?

Al Sancak Episode 19 Trailer  [Final]

The final 19th episode of TRT 1's Al Sancak series, starring Uğur Güneş, will be released on June 16th. Read Also All Episode of Al Sancak (The Hunter)

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