Final 36th Episode of Bir Küçük Gün Işığı: Turkish Drama

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The final 36th episode trailer of Bir Küçük Gün Işığı has been released! In the end episode; Sude is obsessed with Elif leaving the house, but Elif does not leave the mansion without Güneş. So what happen in the final episode on June 5th?

The popular TV series Bir Küçük Gün Işığı has been watched with interest since the first day it was broadcast. The series, starring Seray Kaya and Berk Oktay, will soon make a final and bid farewell to the screens. The final trailer of the popular series, which came to the screens with its 35th episode, was released. Here is Bir Küçük Gün Işığı 36th episode trailer and episode summary.

In the end episode of Bir Küçük Gün Işığı series; Fırat wants Sude to leave the house, but when Sude suddenly gets sick, she is taken to the hospital. Fırat and his family learn that Sude is at risk of pregnancy at the hospital. While Elif thinks that Sude will stay in the mansion like everyone else, she realizes that Güneş is affected by Ayten. Dila gets angry with the babysitter that Sinan hires for her son and thinks that he likes Sinan. The babysitter explains the facts about Dila to Sinan.

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An arrest warrant is issued for Dila and the police arrest her and take her to prison. Sude, who takes advantage of Dila's departure from the house, tries to send Elif and Güneş from the house. Elif and Firat postpone the divorce for a while. Elif and Fırat's divorce and getting closer again drives Sude crazy and she makes a big plan that will hurt everyone.

Bir Küçük Gün Işığı Episode 36 Trailer [Final]

Bir Küçük Gün Işığı Episode 36 Summary [Final]

Sude aborts her baby, but does not tell Fırat about it. Sude is obsessed with Elif leaving the house, but Elif does not leave the mansion without Güneş. Sude has to wait for the divorce day of Elif and Fırat. Despite their divorce, Fırat still looks at Elif with love. They come together at the wedding of Fulya and Alper. 

Sude sees Fırat and Elif doing their last dance and realizes that no matter what she does, she cannot separate the two. Elif begins to suspect about Sude's baby. Dila's psychology deteriorates, she attempts to kill the caregiver she hit. While it's only a matter of time before it turns out that Sude is not pregnant, Sude makes a decision. So, will Fırat be able to meet Elif?

The final 36th episode of "Bir Küçük Gün Işığı", with its heartwarming narrative and heart touching story, which was produced by NGM, will be screened on ATV on Monday, June 5th. Read Also All Episode of Bir Küçük Gün Işığı

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