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Watch The 1st Trailer Promotion of Üvey Anne (The Stepmom): Turkish Series

The expected introduction of ATV's new series Üvey Anne (Stepmom) has arrived! Here are the first images .....

Üvey Anne series met its audience on the ATV screen with its first presentation. Üvey Anne 1st promotion, which created a great excitement, was also very popular on social media. Here are the images from the first introduction of the series of Stepmother, who brought together Hazal Filiz Küçükköse and Kutsi in their lead roles...

ATV screens are getting ready to bring their beautiful TV series together with their audience for the summer season. Drama, romance, many exciting series have begun preparations to come to the screens. One of these productions is Üvey Anne series, starring Kutsi, Hazal Filiz Küçükköse and Aslı Tandoğan. Stepmom's first promotional video has been released.

One of the productions prepared to leave its mark on the summer season was Üvey Anne, who will meet with the audience on ATV screens. The new series Stepmother, which will be broadcast on the screen with the signature of ONN Media, has already excited the audience. With its rich cast and interesting subject, Üvey Anne series seems to have a big break in the ratings.

official trailer uvey anne
Image Via @ATV

Üvey Anne series, written by Yasemin Kırbaş, will be adapted from a real life story and will be brought to our screens. drama will not be enough with Eser Taşkıran taking over the music for the series. Details of the series, which will feature Yasemin Türkmenli in the director's chair, continue to be investigated.

Away from the romantic comedy summer series format we are used to, Stepmother, which will drown the audience in drama, will reveal the emotional life and devotion of a father to his children. Hazal Filiz Küçükköse, Kutsi and Aslı Tandoğan are starring in the series, and we will see famous names from each other. The broadcast date of the series, which has a very strong young cast, is eagerly awaited. The series, which was first introduced on Tuesday, May 30 (today), has already made a sound. The chaotic story that will turn into a drama-filled family story will soon be on ATV screens.

Üvey Anne First Promotional Video:

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