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Yanık Ülke (Burnt Country) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Yanık Ülke (Burnt Country)? Who are in the cast? What about their character? Which channel and when will the series be released?

While the casting of the Yanik Ülke series, in which Serkan Çayoğlu will take the lead role of Fox, continues, that beautiful name was decided as the female lead of the project. So, who was the female lead actress of Yanık Ülke series? Which names will take part in the series Yanık Ülke? What is the theme of Yanık Ülke series? Where will the Yanık Ülke series be filmed? Is Yanık Ülke series an adaptation? Here are the detail ....

Gonca Vuslateri, Yalan Dunya actress is in the Yanık Ülke series! She will be Serkan Çayoğlu's partner. The cast of the Yanik Ülke series, which will start on FOX TV in September, has started to be announced. The series, starring Serkan Çayoğlu, will meet the audience in the September season. The first scenes of the series will be shot in Montenegro. The role of the new actor participating in the series was wondered.

Yanık Ülke synopsis
Image Via @N-TV

FOX Tv Channels have started preparations for the new season. FOX is preparing to present the TV series Yanık Ülke with its audience in September. The famous name was also included in the cast of the series. Gonca Vuslateri, who stormed the TV series Yalan Dunya, joined the cast of the TV series Yanık Ülke.

Yanık Ülke Production

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş; Actress Gonca Vuslateri joined the cast of "Yanık Ülke ". Vuslateri will play Kerem's (Serkan Çayoğlu) older sister Fikriye in the series written by Sema Ali Erol, Mahir Erol, Türçiler Özgül and Redife Zerener.

Cast of Yanık Ülke 

Sanem Babi

Sanem Babi is Film and TV series actress. She was born in 1999, Istanbul. 170 cm tall and 52 kg. He is a graduate of Haliç University, Department of Acting. Sanem Babi, who is registered with the Serap Hatipoğlu acting agency, started her acting career in 2014 with the movie Mixed Cassette. In 2022, she played the character of Aylin in the TV series Gelsin Hayat Knows. She continues to take part in new projects.

Serkan Cayoglu

Serkan Çayoğlu was born on May 31, 1987 in Germany. He has a twin brother who is unlike him. He studied economics at the university he studied in Germany. While studying at the university, he also modeled. Serkan Çayoğlu, who came to Istanbul to become an actor, took acting lessons from Ümit Çırak and Dolunay Soysert at the (3 M.O.T.A) Ümit Çırak Modern Acting Techniques Workshop. In 2012, she started her acting career by playing Merve Bolugur's friend from Italy in the season finale of "Kuzey Guney" series.

Gonca Vuslateri

Gonca Vuslateri was born on September 2, 1986 in Bursa, Gonva Vuslateri lived in Adana with her family for 8 years because her father was a non-commissioned officer. When his father retired in 1994, he returned to Bursa with his family and continued to live here. Vuslateri went to and graduated from Müjdat Gezen Art Center Theater Department in 2003.

Ayça Ayşin Turan

Ayça Ayşin Turan, who has been scrutinizing the projects for a while, has reached an agreement with the TV series Yanık Ülke, the first scenes of which will be shot in Montenegro. The beautiful actress, who will appear in the role of "Sevda", will thus be back on the screen after a long break.

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