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Demet Özdemir And Şükrü Özyıldız Will Met In the Netflix Movie "Aşk Taktikleri 2"

Reactions to the trailer of Netflix's highly anticipated 'Aşk Taktikleri 2' movie were not delayed. When will Aşk Taktikleri 2 be released?

Aşk Taktikleri, one of the Turkish productions of Netflix, attracted great attention. Aşk Taktikleri, which entered the top 10 lists at home and abroad from the moment it was published, showed a performance above expectations when the successful acting of Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Özyıldız were included in the work. The shooting time of Aşk Taktikleri 2, whose second film is learned, has been determined. So when will Aşk Taktikleri 2 be filmed? When will Aşk Taktikleri 2 be released? Here are the details...

The movie "Aşk Taktikleri 2", starring Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Özyıldız, will meet with the audience on Netflix on July. In addition to Atakan Çelik, Hande Yılmaz and Deniz Baydar, the cast includes famous names such as Melisa Döngel, Ceyhun Mengiroğlu, Bora Akkaş, İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Kerem Atabeyoğlu and Ümit Erdim.

The first movie of the series was set in Istanbul and Cappadocia. The second film was shot in Turunç and Göcek in Muğla. Recai Karagöz took place in the director's chair of the film written by Pelin Karamehmetoğlu. Netflix released a new video of the movie on its Twitter account. The comments were not delayed from the fans who were waiting for the sequel of the series.

Aşk Taktikleri 2 netflix
Image Via @Netflix

When Will Aşk Taktikleri 2 Movie Be Shot?

Aşk Tactics, directed by Emre Kabausak and written by Pelin Karaehmetoğlu, gave the good news that he would appear before the audience with his second film.

When Will Aşk Taktikleri 2 Release Date?

The second film of Love Tactics, which tells the story of a flirtatious advertiser and a self-confident blogger, will begin shooting in July 2022. Fans are counting down for 'Aşk Taktikleri 2', which will premiere on Netflix on July 14. Images from the movie starring Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Özyıldız are shared on social media. 

Change of Director in Aşk Taktikleri 2!

Famous director Kıvanç Baruönü will undertake the shooting of the second series of the film. Demet Özdemir, who is now known to have an agreement with Disney Plus, will continue her agreement with Netflix and complete her role in the movie.

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