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Episode 2 Dönence (The Tropical): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd Episode Trailer of Dönence (The Tropical) Has Been Released! In the end episode; Verda and Cem decide to move to Foça with their daughters Gece and Gülce. So, what happen in the episode on July 11st?

The highly anticipated series of Kanal D, Dönence, came to the screens with its first episode on Tuesday, July 4th. Süreyya Aydoğan and Caner Topçu are in the lead roles of the series, which received great acclaim both for its plot and its cast. The second episode trailer of the series, which has already taken its place among the ambitious productions, has been released. Here is the trailer of the 2nd part of Dönence and what happened in the last part.

The new series Dönence, the first episode of which was broadcast on Tuesday, July 4, received full marks from the audience with its deep subject and strong cast. Details about the new episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, July 11, have been announced. Here are 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Dönence ....

In the first episode of the TV series; One of Verda and Cem's daughters is Gülce and the other is Gece. Since Gülce has Asperger's syndrome, a crowded city like Istanbul has become even more difficult for them. Verda finds Ata Surf Club, which provides training for special children in Foça, and the whole family decides to settle in Foça. This decision taken for Gülce will save the entire life of Gece.

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At night, she meets Özgür, who works as a guide at Ata Surf Club in Foça, where she came by force, and her brother Rüzgar, who has Aspertes syndrome. This meeting begins to change the lives of both Gece and Özgür. In the new episode of the TV series; When Gülce suddenly disappears, Gece and the whole family are worried about her health. On the other hand, her lover Miro and Özgür try to support Gece and they make a plan. Vera and Cem start looking for their daughter everywhere. Miro, who is jealous of Gece and Özgür, sets out with his motorcycle to find Gülce. But on the way, things he never wanted will happen to him.

What happen in the end episode?

Verda and Cem have two daughters, Night and Gülce. Gülce has Asperger's syndrome. Living in a big and crowded city like Istanbul has become impossible for both Gülce and her family. Upon a recommendation, Verda discovers Ata Surf Club operating in Foça for special children and offers her husband Cem to move to Foça. Because, according to Verda, while her eldest daughter night will be able to stand on her own feet in the future, the same is not true for her younger daughter Gülce. 

With this decision taken at night, he has to leave both his friends and his lover Miro. Her best friend, Sera, accompanies her on this journey, which Night barely accepts. Özgür works as a sailing guide at Ata Surf Club in Foça. Özgür also has an autistic brother named Rüzgâr. Verda and Cem decide to move to Foça with their daughters Gece and Gülce. This decision will cause significant changes not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of Miro, the lover of Özgür, Rüzgar and Gece.

Dönence Episode 2 Trailer

"Gülce was disappeared ....!"

Dönence Episode 2 Summary

Verda and Harun notice Cem's car as they pass a ruined house. Verda thinks she has to confront whether it was a mistake made by her husband. A tense atmosphere ensues when Cem meets his business partner, Ufuk. Meanwhile, there are jealousy crises between Miro and Gece because of Özgür. Night's crying against Miro reduces the tension between the two. With Gülce's disappearance, events develop rapidly. Gülce goes to the bus station to go to Alican, she drops her phone while getting on the bus. Nobody can reach Gülce. Sera persistently calls Gülce's phone and talks to a man who finds the phone. 

They go to the bus station to pick up the phone. They learn that Gülce is trying to go to Alican. Meanwhile, Gülce is disturbed by a group on the bus and gets off. He goes to a market, the store employee realizes that Gülce is troubled and wants to help. Gülce calls her mother and gives the address of the market. Night and the others go to Gülce. They breathe a sigh of relief when they find Gülce. The duo gets tense again when Miro continues to be jealous of Night. On top of that, Miro, who is arguing with his family, gets on his motorcycle angrily. He bumps into a girl who comes across him on the winding road he entered quickly.

With its emotional story, Kanal D's new series Dönence, produced by D Media and directed by Serdar Gözelekli, the eagerly awaited Dönence Episode 2 will be on Kanal D on Tuesday evening July 11th at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Dönence (The Tropical)

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