Episode 4 Kısmet (Kismet): Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th episode trailer of Kısmet (Kismet) has been released! In the end episode; Taner learns that it was Roza who gave Melike information about herself and kidnaps the young woman and the security guard who helped her. What happen in the episode on July 14th?

Surprises about the exciting 4th episode of the Kismet series are on our site. The second trailer of Kismet, which the audience was eagerly waiting for, was released quickly. Fox TV's popular series will air on Friday, July 7 at 20:00.

The exciting third episode of the popular Fox TV series Kismet is eagerly awaited. Starring popular actors such as Cem Gelinoğlu and Özge Özacar, the series will meet the audience with its new 4th episode on Friday, July 14 at 20:00.

In the end episode; While Doğan's life continues to be shaken by unexpected events, he faces threats from Reis and Taner. Confident that he will be executed within 24 hours, Doğan agrees to ask Ceylan from his family, under the pressure of his mother. Will this marriage decision save Doğan from the dangerous situation he is in?

Nilüfer, on the other hand, learns that her husband is in a big debt with a notification coming to her shop. Falling into a desperate situation, Nilüfer decides to ask an old acquaintance for help. But what will this help bring him?

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Melike drags Doğan into a dangerous operation to prove that Taner is cheating on her. However, this operation has unexpected results and causes great troubles for them. While Doğan is fighting with his feelings, he is shocked by Melike's decision to marry Ceylan. Will Doğan, who is trying to cope with the complex emotions inside him, be able to learn Melike's true intentions and plan?

Among all these events, the kidnapped baby and the danger it brings are still unresolved. While Doğan and the other characters face the complex situations they live in, will their lives change completely when a big secret is revealed? Here are 4th episode trailer and episode summary of Kısmet (Kismet) ...

What happen in the end episode?

Doğan goes to ask for Ceylan with his mother Sema and boss Namık Bey. But here, setbacks do not let up. They have panic attacks and cannot want the girl. Years later, Nilüfer meets her youthful love, Chief Inspector Mert, and asks her for help with her missing husband. Reis tells Doğan to do what he can to prevent Melike from returning to Taner. An accident happens to Cevdet when he says he will help Melda and Peri. 

Melike gets what she needs for the DNA test through Roza, but in the meantime, Taner learns that it was Roza who gave Melike information about herself and kidnaps the young woman and the security guard who helped her. While Melike and Doğan are trying to break into Reis' office to get Roza's passport, they get into a big mafia conflict. Doğan proposes to Ceylan in front of everyone.

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FOX TV's new series Kismet is counting the days to meet its audience. The 4th episode of Kismet series will be released on July 14th. Read Also All Episode of Kısmet (Kismet)

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