Episode 4 Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love It So Much): Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th Episode trailer of Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love It So Much) Has been released! In the end episode; Ateş and Leyla unite due to Berit's trauma, while they become close. So what happen in the episode on July 27th?

Ya Çok Seversen met with the audience with its third episode on Kanal D on Thursday, July 20 at 20:00. In the cast of the series, starring Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan, there are young and master names such as Hatice Aslan, Şerif Erol, Cemre Ebuzziya, Nazmi Kırık, Aziz Caner İnan, Mine Kılıç, Oğulcan Arman Uslu, Durukan Çelikkaya, Özgün Akaçca and Adin Külçe. taking.

Ateş fired Leyla! Kanal D's new series "Ya Çok Seversen", signed by Ay Yapım, came to the screen with its third episode on Thursday, July 20. So what happened in the new 4th episode of Ya Çok Seversen? In the end episode; Ateş confronts Leyla and says he needs a babysitter, not a nuisance for the children, and fires Leyla. Shocked by what she heard, Leyla does not know what to do, but Ateş learns that the children played a role in Leyla's expulsion. So what will Ates do now?

episode 4 ya cok seversen
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Ya Çok Seversen Plot Story: Ya Çok Seversen is the story of the intersection of the paths of Ateş, who did not return to his family home from the boarding school to which he was sent at a young age after his mother's death, spent his life abroad on his own feet, did not trust anyone, and Leyla, who never knew her real family and earned money by deceiving people.

What happen in the end episode?

Ateş blames Leyla for Berit's disappearance. Leyla, who was fired, returns to the team. The team is put in danger when the last family they defrauded comes after them. Ateş is forced to spend time with the children because he does not have a caregiver. Leyla's absence causes a trauma in Berit. When Ateş realizes Ilgaz's trick, he asks Leyla to return. Leyla is not at all comfortable; But, due to the pressure of the team, she is forced to return home. 

Ateş and Leyla unite due to Berit's trauma, while they become close. Leyla is shaken by Yakup's surprise plan. Nothing will ever be the same anymore. The suspicion of a mole in the company strains Ateş and Umut. Umut has no intention of leaving the control to Ateş. Despite everything, the Arcadians come up with a plan to unite and overcome the crisis that befell them. Leyla plays the leading role in this plan. The night ends unexpectedly for Leyla and Ateş. This is the beginning of a new era for the two of them. Moreover, Leyla is in danger of revealing her identity.

Ya Çok Seversen Episode 4 Trailer 

Ya Çok Seversen Episode 4 Summary
Leyla and Ateş fall into a misunderstanding after their rapprochement. Meanwhile, alarm bells are ringing for Leyla and the team. An envelope in which they will reveal their identities is circulating in the house. Leyla has a feeling of revenge against Ateş as the misunderstanding grows. For this reason, she plays a game in the event she attends with the Arcalı brothers. When they both realize that the truth is not as they know, the color of the matter changes and their relationship gets better.

Ateş is overwhelmed by his relationship with the children and takes a decision. Learning of this decision, Leyla embarks on an irreversible path regarding Ateş. A mole in the company causes a major crisis. Leyla plays a key role in resolving this crisis. Yakup, on the other hand, is after a dirty plan in secret from the whole team. Meanwhile, the team is unaware of the danger that will take them to the end of the road. Leyla has never been this close to the danger of being exposed.

Ya Çok Seversen will be on Kanal D with its exciting new 4th episode on Thursday, July 27 at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love It So Much)

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